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FREE Camera Accessories

FREE Camera Accessories



Good lenses are the heart of good photography. The DSLRs are some of the most innovative, powerful cameras on the market. They’re literally a new horizon in the art of the camera, and with the right lenses, they can perform miracles. There are some really great lenses on the market, and if you know where to look, they’re cheap too.

The DSLR camera lens range

The really good news for photographers, amateur and professional, is that all the big name camera makers have a range of lenses for their DSLRs.

These are the major league DSLR lens makers:

  • Canon- This is a big selection. It’s the full range of Canon DSLR lenses, including standard lenses, extremely important when you need spares.
  • Nikon- Another huge range for the top of the range Nikon DSLRs including the high precision zooms.
  • Olympus- This range includes the generic Opteka and Bower adaptors, and Olympus teleconverter lenses as well as the high power zooms and wide zooms.
  • Panasonic- An interesting range of both generic brands and Panasonic’s high tech lenses.
  • Pentax- A big range of Opteka lens attachments and Pentax’s own model-specific lenses.
  • Samsung- Includes the unique “pancake” lens for Samsung’s NX series cameras
  • Sony- A big range of Opteka, Kenko, Sigma and Sony lenses and lens attachments.

Shopping for DSLR lenses

Surprisingly, there are some truly gigantic discounts available on these lenses. There are some real advantages for buyers here, because you can get a lot of value from the discounts on these often expensive lenses. The generic lenses are well worth a look, because the Opteka, Bower and other non-manufacturer lenses are a lot cheaper and will do the job very well.