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You Don’t Need To Count The Laps – When A Swim Watch Can Do The Math!

Swim away to glory, hike that gigantic mountain, workout like a pro athlete and do it all with additional style! A wearable device for swimmers, hikers and/ health freaks is not just a tiny calculator to calculate the laps or show vital health indicators, the gadget is extremely handy and comfortable. We, at Ryda store, feature some of the top multi-sports wearable watches. Check out the three super stylish wearables that are selling hot in multi-sport and individual sport categories.

Sunnto Ambit 3 Sport GSM HRM Training Watch :

Sunnto Ambit 3 Sport GSM HRM Training Watch

For super-health freaks, who wish to be on top of their game, here’s an elegant gadget for multi-sport training. The Sunnto Ambit 5 Sport GDM HRM training watch has it all: accurate indicators, route navigation and heart monitor. Use it with the Sunnto Movescount App, and get ready to upload your adventurous experiences in the world. You can also connect it with a smart phone, and it will work as the second watch display.

Key Features :

  • Route navigation
  • Compass for the direction
  • Indicator for GPS altitude
  • Multiple sports in one log
  • Bluetooth bike power support

TomTom Runner Multi-Sport Cardio Fitness Watch :

Tomtom Watch
TomTom Runner Multi-Sport Cardio Fitness Watch

A healthy heart never hurts, no matter the circumstances! 🙂 The Tom Tom runner multi-sport cardio fitness watch is primarily a heart rate monitor that is both efficient and accurate. The heart rate monitor allows you to see the response of your body to exercise. You can even select a heart rate zone that is in consonance with your immediate training goal. The state-of-the-art sensor detects exact heart rate without the requirement of an additional chest strap.

Key Features:

  • 5 intensity zones: Easy, fat burn, endure, speed, and sprint
  • Indicators on distance, time, calorie and pace
  • Laps and interval training with extra-large display
  • Compare with the your past performances

Sunnto Ambit3 Peak Watch :

Sunnto Ambit3 Peak Watch

Only a hiker knows if he wishes to conquer the mountain within or the one standing outside. A skilled and experienced hiker goes with the latest and most useful set of equipment. This Sapphire Blue Amvit 3 Peak watch is an ultimate GPS gadget that is a must-have in the long list of wearable devices you need to take along. All you need is a wireless connection with a smart phone, and you’re all set for the thrilling adventure. You can also install Sunnto Movercount App and use it for free.

Key Features :

  • 30h battery with 5 sec-GPS accuracy (1 min-accuracy: 200h)
  • Detailed information on the weather
  • Indicators on distance, speed, and pace
  • Movescount training program on the device
  • Compass

With technology reaching new frontiers every single day, it is time for you to take a second look at your current fitness level and see if you can get fitter.

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