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Will it be Boss or JBL in your car: How to Choose the Best Car Speakers Out There?

Choosing a car speaker may not be considered as important a decision as choosing a car but it is definitely worth your undivided attention. If you use your car more than any other mode of transport, chances are that you give considerable thought to the kind of music or podcasts that you want to listen to while commuting.

If so, things such as sound quality, bass, imaging (the closeness of music to its real time production sound), and accuracy matter to you the most. In case, this holds true for you then you would want to spend time reading this article on two most commonly preferred car speakers.

Let’s talk about JBL first –

JBL GTO Series Speakers

The Highs!

Calling JBL an industry leader is not far from truth. This North American company, literally, revolutionised music and sound production forever! In fact, the company has inspired the shape, sound quality and the very definition of speakers in general and car speakers in particular. When you opt for JBL car speakers, the following will not just meet your expectations but surpass them easily.

1) Sound Quality – A component JBL car speaker is probably a music aficionado’s dream come true. Perfect in size, shape and sound enhancing ergonomical design, JBL speakers are known for their impeccable sound quality, bass and imaging.

2) Frequency Accuracy and Smoothness – Because the quality of sound is essentially impeccable, the listener can be sure of the accuracy of notes and smoothness of the sounds playing.

3) A Powerful Bass – Of course, it’s all about the bass, isn’t it? Well, with JBL it’s even more so. JBL car speakers have great quality bass and with their patented Plus One® woofer technologyyou are bound to be impressed and blown away!

4) Crisp and Clear Sound – We cannot emphasise enough on the crisp quality of sound that JBL speakers produce, thanks to its shape and size. JBL car speakers are far ahead of their competitors in clarity of sound due to their superior cone technology and speaker cone area that translates sound waves into clear and truly enjoyable music!

The Lows!

When everything seems to be right, one literally has to look deep to see if there’s anything that can work against these speakers? Let’s find out:

1) The Cost – JBL car speakers do not, most definitely, fall on the lower side of the price range. They are priced above average. So if you are someone who doesn’t want to invest in expensive car speakers, then there are other worthy options that you can explore.

2) Suitability to Your Car Model – Not always will a JBL be perfect for your car model. When choosing a car speaker you have to be fully aware of your car model. Sometimes you have to choose a car speaker model that is in sync with the acoustics of your car. And it’s not always necessary that the perfect choice is a JBL because JBL speakers tend to be bigger.

3) Peak Power Handling is Poor – Some of the JBL car speakers have not fared well in their management of peak power junctures. Although they produce the loudest, most accurate and crisp sounds, the power output for continuous time can be a bit iffy sometimes. This can although be overcome with sub-woofers.

JBL is hands down the most preferred car speakers in the entire world but there are some brands such as Pioneer, Kicker, Boss, Kenwood and Alpine which come quite close to the JBL bench mark. Let’s see if Boss is really the Boss of music in cars.

Boss Chaos speakers

The Highs!

1. Sound Quality – If not top 10, then Boss is, definitely, among the top 30! Boss car speakers are great looking and offer a great sound quality too. If you are someone who is not into thread-baring detail of every note or key of a song then Boss will be the perfect fit for your car. Operations wise, Boss speakers perform better and last longer than their equally priced counterparts and produce sound that is above average quality.

2. The Cost – Boss speakers are not as expensive as say the JBLs or the Pioneers but that does not make them a cheap attempt at sound engineering. Innovation, technical strength and good designing make Boss speakers one of the best budget car speakers available.

3. Audio Performance – Comparable to JBL in every sense but definitely not superior. Boss speakers offer a remarkable audio experience and their newer series of car speakers can be hailed as the next big thing in the car audio industry.

4. Size and Shape – Speakers by the brand are neither too big nor too small. These can be a great fit for a variety of car models as their standard size can ergonomically fit into cars. Most of the Boss speakers come with fitted tweeters that are multi-directional and can be adjusted pivoting in the direction of the listeners. This a great feature that many other speakers do not posses.

The Lows!

1. Poor high volume control and performance – Audio experience at higher decibels gets compromised with Boss but for low, regular volume listening, the speakers are as good as they come.

2. A fitted Tweeter – Coaxial car speakers by Boss offer a tweeter but a fitted one. We earlier called it an advantage but only over those that do not offer a tweeter at all. JBL and other high-end brands are now offering detached and separate tweeters that can be fitted any where in the car ensuring a superior audio experience for the listener.

3. Not the first choice – Boss, sometimes, comes across as an innocuous brand that can be missed by the buyer, especially, with big players in the market. It’s competence is far greater than what is projected and that is why it has a disadvantage of not being the first choice for many aware buyers.

Here it is, we won’t give our verdict because it’s dependent on many factors such as the buyer’s intent, budget, preference and so on. However, we can tell you that, whatever you want, you can find it at Ryda!

So which one is it going to be in your car? JBL or Boss? Let us know in the comments.

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