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Why we love the Garmin BC 30 Wireless Reversing Camera!

We live in an advanced age, where we have technology and innovation on our side, which means that we can create products that are made specifically to assist us in a particular task and make our lives easier. A reversing camera is an example of such technology. A majority of us use cars to commute in our daily lives and a reversing camera has become an essential accessory for any driver. Driving as it is, is a difficult task, even if you have been driving for years, one might still make an error while reversing.

Like most products these days, the reversing camera was built to help drivers reverse their cars easily by providing them a better view of the back of their car. A rear mirror only gives you the direct view of what is behind your car. For example, it would not be able to spot your dog running through the driveway, or a pedestrian running across and by the time you would spot them, it might be too late. Similarly, a rear-view mirror would also not be very useful during night, or foggy conditions. To ensure that you are always safe while driving and you do not miss anything on the road while reversing, a reversing camera is needed. Today, most high-end cars come fitted with a good reversing camera system, which displays the view behind your car in a digital display, usually in the center console.

At Ryda, we always try to review products and find out which ones are the best that can be recommended to our customers. This is why we recommend the Garmin BC 30 Wireless Reversing Camera.


Built to last and equipped with the best technology to help drivers reverse, the Garmin Reversing Camera is surely a smart buy. Pair this with a compatible GPS Navigator  and you will be able to spot everything such as vehicles, pedestrians, streetlights and any sort of obstruction behind your car clearly. You can even wire the camera to the reverse lights for power and the camera will work whenever you will put the reverse gear, shifting to normal navigation mode in the forward. The Garmin BC 30 transmits video of up to 15 meters wirelessly and it is as clear as day on the screen! It is also durable and rugged enough to withstand rough weather. You can be sure that this Garmin Camera would be a good investment as it comes with a Genuine Aussie Garmin Warranty and a Risk Free Purchase Guarantee.

Come shop this super useful product at Ryda and never ever crick your neck while turning to look back while reversing! On another note, while we have you with us, check out the amazing Valentine’s Day Sale that we have going on at our website and get yourself a deal on your purchase!

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