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Uniden is a global brand known for the quality of its electronic products. It is the ideal choice for those who seek to invest in a reliable and experienced name. At Ryda, you get the best of Uniden – because we offer not just the impeccable engineering and style of Uniden in the form of its top-rated crash cams but we offer them at competitive prices and dependable services.

Why Uniden?

Uniden manufactures products for every aspect of life – home, car, office, recreation etc. It has expanded its range of in-car technology to include robust crash cameras that protect customers from fraudulent claims in case of an accident or offer factual evidence in the context where it’s required. Among the many awesome Uniden cams on sale with us, in this post, we’ll be specifically talking about the Uniden Igo Cam 850.

The Uniden Igo Cam 850  – Could be the ideal 1st Uniden to Own!Uniden iGO CAM 850 Crash CameraThe Uniden Igo Cam 850 offers the latest in vehicle recording technology. It is an ultra-compact crash camera packed with all the necessary features to ensure maximum security. The Igo Cam 850 does the most comprehensive coverage of events with its triple cameras that capture multiple angles. The two main cameras are independent, wide-angled and adjustable. While the third camera comes with a generous 6-meter long wire and is attached to the bumper. Apart from recording the back-view, it also assists drivers in reversing their vehicle. These triple cameras have a glass lens rather than a plastic one and can record up to 1080p full HD resolution as per the configuration set by the customer. The anti-shaking feature ensures that the recording is crisp even in rough terrains. These cams have an internal rechargeable battery and record videos on a loop.

And There’s More!Reverse CameraThis camera is a plug and play device that is truly easy to setup and operate. It comes with an HDMI out port and a 2.7” LCD color screen display which can be used to instantly play the footage that you need to check. Moreover, it is a “GPS Ready” camera, equipped with an external GPS Geotag Antenna that records the exact location and speed of the vehicle. If there is a sudden change in the driving pattern, as in a case of an accident, it automatically detects the same through G-sensor and records the instance in HD quality. Even when the vehicle is parked, the motion detection feature, on sensing movement starts recording a footage. Night vision further enhances its capability to capture clear videos in night mode or where the route is not properly lighted.

The feature-packed Uniden Igo Cam 850 is bound to check all your boxes. It has everything one could ask for. It is both stylish and functional. So what are you waiting for? Purchase it on Ryda and get it at a pocket-friendly price with authentic Australian warranty!

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