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Top 5 Digital Products and Useful Accessories For Hikers at Ryda

There’s nothing more fulfilling and enriching for some than a hike or a trek in the wilderness! To make these sojourns even more enjoyable and fun, Ryda has compiled this special list of useful products that are made for hikers and trekkers.

It’s April and the chill in the air is gradually decreasing, which means, it’s probably the perfect time to venture out into the woods or climb a hill! If you too find it difficult to ignore this lovely weather and are ready with a weekend plan or a mid-week break, then check these products for an enjoyable outdoor expedition!

Cutting through the crowd, let’s just get to the list immediately:

Hydration Packs – The decreasing temperature does not guarantee any luck with physical exertion.

Hydration Pack

Although the weather is absolutely peaches and cream for hikers, a perfectly built hydration pack is a must for any trekker.

The Garmin Fenix 3 Multisport GPS Watch – This is a must have for people who love outdoors. Loaded with amazing and adventure-friendly features, this watch will become your best pal on your hikes, bike trips and solo adventures.

Garmin Multisport Athlete Watch

Garmin watches comes with GPS and Glosnass support, barometer, altimeter, outdoor navigation essentials, customized apps, watch faces, and data fields.

Head Lamps and Head Torches – Assuming night won’t deter your expeditions into the wild, we recommend this category of products – the ever-useful and essential head lamps and gear.

Head Lamp

Battery operated head torches available with us are superior quality and have a wide range of scattering.

Digital Notemakers – This is a highly underestimated product but a really useful one! When you are out and about, it may not always be feasible to type, write or memorize.

Digital Notemakers

Presenting great devices for keeping your memories safe…even in the wilderness. Save essential information, create voice notes, record travel stories and take them back to share with others with digital notemakers.

Handheld GPS – Invest in a GPS navigation gadget that doesn’t let you down. Your phone and wearable may have the necessary mechanism to help you keep on track but they are not that reliable outdoors and at remote areas where getting a clean signal may be an issue.

Handheld GPS

So get a handheld GPS tracking instrument. These GPS devices are empowered with an exceptionally long battery life and a rugged built which means they are perfect for those who don’t like to stay put. And if you happen to like this particular handheld GPS, then you will get a pouch absolutely free!

These are the top 5 gadgets and accessories that we believe a hiker or an adventurer must never be without especially when away on an expedition or a high-action packed trip. For home and daily-life products, check out!

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