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TomTom Spark Cardio + Music + GPS Fitness Watch

The millennial generation is fast-paced and result-oriented. Their high productivity levels are a result of a proactive approach to achieve and prove themselves better than the best. However, the situations they put themselves into tend to take a toll and make them experience stress in varying degrees which can sometimes be of dangerous proportions.

To keep a close watch on their exertion levels and not get burnt out, the health conscious Gen-Y likes to invest in gadgets that help them stick to a fitness regime. Because of this companies all over have been forced to think out-of-the-box and come up with gadgets that are value for money and multifaceted in terms of smart technology that they offer.

TomTom, a leading manufacturer of innovative products, has the perfect solution for on-the-go milennials. A fitness watch that combines cardio, GPS and music to let users achieve crucial activity parameters in the most fun way ever.

TomTom Spark Cardio + Music + GPS Fitness Watch

Lets explore the features of this unique watch further. Read on to get surprised and know all this wonder tracker can do for you.

Sports Tracking – Whether you choose to stay fit by running, cycling and swimming outdoors, or sweat it out in the gym using various equipments for a high-intensity workout; or do yoga and crossfit indoors, the TomTom watch will be there to track and measure all your sporty efforts. For both outdoor and indoor training modes, this TomTom with a built-in heart rate monitor will measure heart rate, pace, distance, laps, speed, calories burnt, and duration using real-time GPS.

There is also a provision for interval training, wherein you exercise intensively for short periods and then rest for a while. To review your progress overtime, you can easily sync the training stats wirelessly from the watch to a phone or tablet and see the readings through the TomTom MySports app.

Music – The one feature that truly sets this Tom Tom apart from its contemporaries flooding the market is its ability to sync upto 500 songs (or 56 hours of music) via windows media player or iTunes. Easily store and access your playlist, from your wrist and listen to the songs through a wireless bluetooth headset that pairs with the watch. No need to lug along that smartphone or MP3 player for your daily dose of music while working out. The no-fuss controls make it easy to switch between songs and even playlists.

Activity Tracking – The water-resistant TomTom fitness watch records the number of steps walked daily and weekly, the amount of sleep you have had and whether the rest was sufficient or not, and the active minutes through the day. The watch comes preset with default goals but you can easily customize them as per your personal fitness requirements. Rather than just keeping a check on the daily activity, you can set a daily target to challenge yourself and keep the motivation levels up.

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