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To Philips or To Panasonic? Let’s Talk About Some Awesome Headphones!

A search query on the lines of, ‘best headphones’ in Google begets about 2,1,80,000 results! Clearly, there are too many options and choices of headphones out there and selecting the best among them is not easy! Headphones are as important as the laptops today. Imagining a life without one’s personalized list of songs or international radio playing in our ears is just not possible.

Millennials, today, work, travel, commute, and sip coffee with their headphones/ earphones on. Whether such a lifestyle is good or bad, is a conversation that needs a space and time of its own. We will refrain from getting into that discussion here. Instead, let’s get to which headphones are great in terms of their auditory quality and for auditory health. If you are going to use headphones for 4-5 hours in a day then you simply cannot ignore the risk to the inner ear involved.

So how do we choose and what do we choose that sounds just right?

Headphones, like clothes, need to be worn and tried out (ideally) before being bought. It’s the experience of a sound that a pair offers your ears that can inspire one to buy a particular set of headphones. However, because we are in 2016 and virtual shopping has bridged the gap between our evaluation and experience of a product that we can make informed decisions just by browsing through online stores! Just like ours. 🙂

Yes, coming back to the headphones. We are going to discuss two major brands whose headphones are considered to be among the best in terms of sound quality and clarity. These are Philips and Panasonic.

The comparison between Philips and Panasonic proves one thing: there’s no direct correlation between innovation and the duration in the industry. While both companies were started centuries apart, today they stand almost at par in innovation in electronic technology. Philips has been offering efficient and high-performance electronic gadgets since 1891 but it is Panasonic which was started in 1918 that caught up with Philips’s standards in electronic gadgets. But it is still Philips which is ruling the headphones market.




Panasonic Headphones
Philips Headphones









So what makes Philips models score over their Panasonic counterparts?

1) Sound Quality: Depending on the model, the segment, and the features offered, a Philips headset offers better sound quality and performance. The auditory clarity is excellent and comparable with the big daddies such as Sennheiser, JBL, Bose, and even Skullcandy. Cheaper than the high-fi range, Philips’s performance proves to be particularly good when it comes to budget headphones.

2) Ergonomic Designs – With stretchable self-adjusting bands, cushioned and padded ear pieces, and an easily accessible volume panel, Philips headphones are designed for convenience and an all-day output.

3) Dynamic Sound  –  A distinct sound output guarantees a stunning auditory experience.

4) Noise Cancellation – This feature is better in higher-end Philips models but not in budget ones.

5) Powerful Auditory Output – Impressive and detailed stereophonic sound quality.

This post compares the Philips SHC5200 Wireless HiFi Headphones and the Panasonic Stereo Headphones RP-HXS400Thus the review is relative and does not indicate that Panasonic headphones are outclassed. We invite our customers to do a research of their own and then make a decision before buying either of them. There are great models in the Panasonic range too, which are not expensive and better than many earphones, headphones, and sound output devices by other brands.

You can browse through the entire Panasonic range, here and the Philips range here.

We’d also like to know which headphones do you use to shut out the world?

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