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The MVP of our Store is on SALE! Oregon Scientific ATC Mini Action Camera

There are MVPs and then there are MVPs at Ryda. Let us explain. What we call MVPs at Ryda are the Most Viewed Products – the hot products that can any time join the hot-selling list! This month’s trends showed us that this mini powerhouse is on the most watched list. So we thought let’s give the ATC Mini Action Camera some limelight and gather the eyeballs it deserves! Plus, we are offering 38.9% OFF on it!

What makes the Oregon Scientific ATC Mini Action Camera so popular? We reckon, it is its easy-to-use appeal, super-compact size, and all the other things that we are listing below.

Oregon Scientific ATC Mini Action Camera

1) Coverage – Action-packed moments and extreme adventures mean that you got to be least bothered about the kind of shot you are likely to get. With the ATC mini action camera, you can fully focus on the activity at hand and forget about the shot because this ATC is designed to capture dynamic, vigorously-moving, and pro-like shots. The camera records 720P HD videos and 1.3 MP photos, so you don’t have to worry creating that sports magazine shot of pro athletes. It will, literally, be ready for upload on your Instagram, Facebook, or for Snapchat!

2) Ergonomic Design – The ATC is designed in such a way that you can switch it on and fix it on the most suitable angle to get that perfect shot. The ATC mini action camera is hands-free and extremely simple to use. All you have to do is focus on the adventure at hand!

3) Durability – This action camera is waterproof and can tolerate temperatures from 0º C to 40º C. The lithium battery is rechargeable and provides 1.5 hours of record time. The camera comes well-protected in a silicone sleeve and is waterproof upto 20m (60ft).

4) Features –  The camera features an 110° lens, TV-out jack, Micro SD card slot, built-in microphone, mini USB Jack (cable included), buzzer and a vented helmet mount. The camera is also MAC compatible.

The ATC is a perfect low-budget action camera you can invest in, without feeling guilty. Conveniently capture those adrenaline-rushing and hair-raising moments in a carefree way with the ATC mini action camera by Oregon Scientific. If you like living on the edge, then this camera makes for a fitting companion. Go reclaim your passion for adventure and conquer your spirit, with the ATC camera witnessing your every leap of faith!

Needless, but seriously, shop now!

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