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The BIG RYDA New Year Clearance Sale & a Special Surprise!

It’s 2017! We hope your first few days of the brand new year have been nothing short of fantastic. At Ryda, we are busy setting newer goals and also fulfilling the resolutions we set, post the New Year party hangover! To cut the long story short, we are aiming for a bigger, better, and a more amazing Ryda store. A store that will not only bring to you the latest in-car audio, gadgets, and latest technology but will bring them to you at hard-to-resist prices. And we are starting with a huge New Year sale on HiFonics car amplifiers!

Isn’t it the best to start the year on a happy note? Well, here’s one for you straight from our heart – our BIG New Year Clearance sale! Here you will find gadgets, variety, and sufficient stock which are not your usual clearance-sale products. So if you have been looking to upgrade your car audio system in the New Year, there’s no better product than the HiFonics Brutus Elite – 4 channel amplifier.

HiFonics Brutus Elite
HiFonics Brutus Elite

HiFonics is a world renowned company in advanced audio technology and runs on the power-packed company credo, “Power from the Gods”! With that kind of confidence, affirmation, and self-belief, the company offers a wide range of sub-woofers, amplifiers, speakers, powersports, processors and other accessories related to car audio units. Their Amps are particularly popular and are considered champion in the car audio industry with no other brand or amp giving it sufficient competition.

And with our special New Year discounts, you can shop these super-efficient, high-octane, and power-packed HiFonic amplifiers at 47% off! This big brand takes audio technology seriously like very few brands in the industry and delivers what shoppers would consider, a unique experience! If there ever was a recommendation for a high-powered amp for your car, this would be it! Let’s see why:

  • The HiFonic model, currently being offered on sale, is the HiFonic Brutus Elite BE800 which is a 4-channel amplifier. This means that it will enhance audio quality in all the 4 speakers installed in the car.
  • The HiFonic Brutus Elite BE800 also comes with advanced features such as: diagnostic mode to detect shorted speaker leads, low impedance, high temperature or any other anomaly that may result in poor sound quality.
  • It also equalizes the bass and comes with a 100 Watt RMS power and an output power of 0.2V to 0.6V.
  • The Brutus Elite also features the special semi-conductor called the Ultra-Fi MOSFET which allows for high-power performance and combats breakage and scattering when the output is increased.

With the HiFonic Brutus Elite BE800, you can start your New Year with a bang! This time we won’t ask you to hurry up with your purchase as the certain items on the New Year sale will have marked down prices for 20 more days! Take your time, make a wise decision, and come back here to seal your deal.

We hope to see you soon at our store very soon! Check out some more super-saving deals right here.

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