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SwannOne Smart Home Control Kit – Be Safe Always

A home is built lovingly and everything bought thereafter for quality living is purchased using one’s hard-earned money. And to see that being burgled away or ransacked is devastating. It is not just the security of material possessions that worries a homeowner, there is always the hard-pressing need to ensure a protective cover and to keep everyone in the house out of harm’s way. After all a home is a safe haven of peace of mind and comfort.

But sadly with rampant cases of crimes being carried out even in broad daylight, people live under a constant fear of a break-in and the thought of an untoward incident looms large on their mind. To be carefree and not make yourself and your property vulnerable to situations that compromise on your safety, install a home security system. An anti-burgler alarm system alerts you if someone tries to gain an unlawful entry into your property and cause damage. Also, having a security system installed makes intruders think twice before carrying out any offensive act.

If you are searching for a system, then we suggest you SwannOne Smart Home Control Kit. Swann is a pioneer brand offering smart home surveillance solutions to make your home a safe haven and keep you in loop of all that takes place in your absence. Read on to get to know the product better.

SwannOne Home Security System

  • The DIY wireless and easy to install SwannOne Smart Home Control Kit consists of separate components that together make a powerful home monitoring system. Here is a brief description of each element and what it does.
    1. The indoor soundview camera with its HD quality resolution and infrared night vision, auto records crisp footage of the space you intend to keep an eye on, day and night.
    2. The two magnetic window and door sensors with built-in microphone detect glass breakage or any unexpected opening or closing of doors and windows.
    3. The two keyfobs allow you to activate different modes such as home, away and sleep. It also has a panic button to let someone know if help is needed.
    4. The highly sensitive two PIR motion sensors let off audible alarms on sensing movement within rooms.
  • Just pair the smart hub to your smartphone or tablet using the SwannOne app and get notified via email alerts, text messages and push notifications about all the movements and sounds recorded. The SwannOne Plug & Play privilege lets you remotely monitor real-time video streaming and control appliances as well as their energy usage. Turn any electrical appliance like TV, washing machine, music or DVD player, lamps, etc. on or off from your phone or tab using the app.
  • Also, be rest assured that all the information being recorded and passed on is completely encrypted using international best practices to ensure full data security and privacy.

Though called a home kit, but can be used to monitor and protect office spaces as well. Browse through the Swann collection of products at the Ryda online store and have each nook and corner scrutinized by the watchful eye.

Do you already have the Smart Home Control Kit installed? What difference has made it in your life and do you feel sufficiently safe under its gaze? Share with us your experience and also help others know why they should consider this kit over others.

Be safe, always!

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