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Swann Range of Car Dash Cameras at Ryda!

Car dash cameras are a norm in most places. They are no more a novelty or a concept unheard of. These are extremely useful to record real-time video evidence in case of a mishap or a near-miss fatality. The cameras help most when verbal testimony is less preferred or a solid video proof is required. With a dash camera installed, you can be rest assured about the safety of your vehicle in parking lots, to have an accountable partner to record your surroundings at all times, and can even document some great views.

So all in all, investing in a dashboard camera is a good idea. And we, at Ryda, stock the best of these high performing gadgets to let you safeguard your vehicle and be free of all the hassles that accompany in case you still do not have one installed. To stop boring you with just plain facts, we present some of the best dash cameras by Swann at Ryda. Swann is a leading DIY security solutions brand having served people for more than 30 years and still going. Know all about their dash camera range we stock at Ryda and how it makes for a fruitful purchase.

Swann Economy 1080p HD Dash Camera – This is an entry-level camera that records full HD, wide-angle footage. The camera starts to auto record the moment the car engine is turned on. It comes with a 2.7” LCD along with a collision-acceleration detection sensor too. The device comes with a rechargeable battery that can be powered using a mini USB cable. The installation too doesn’t take much time. Set it up on to the windscreen using a suction mounting bracket or on to the dashboard. Currently being offered at a discount, grab this economy model by Swann at a marked down price.

Swann Economy 1080p HD Dash Camera

Swann Navigator HD GPS Car Dash Camera – This one by Swann in addition to recording full HD video in real time, supporting a 2.7” LCD, a rechargeable battery, also includes GPS tracking feature wherein you can know when and where events happen with time and location stamped on the footage. The car dash camera comes with an 8GB Micro SD card onto which the recordings are saved. These clips can be easily transferred to a computer using the charging mini USB cable. The navigator HD camera features the same collision-accelerator warning system mentioned about earlier. Available at a massive discount with us! Get it now or regret later. Hurry!

Swann Navigator HD GPS Car Dash Camera

Swann Smart 3MP Super-HD WiFi Dash Camera – Keep an eye on the road not just in full HD but in super 3MP HD! This advanced dash cam by Swann comes with 2” color LCD and features the ability to connect to Wi-Fi. You can view the camera on a smartphone or tablet screen as well using the DriveEye Ultra App. Get this high-performing and very useful car camera at an unbelievably affordable cost. Buy one today!

Swann Smart 3MP Super-HD WiFi Dash Camera

All the products at Ryda accompany a genuine Australian 1-year warranty by Swann. Just go ahead and make a peace-of-mind-guaranteed purchase. For if and when anything goes wrong, we are always there and that’s a Ryda promise.

Happy Shopping! See you at our online store!

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