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The Suunto Traverse X GPS Navigation Watch and a Special Surprise!

GO EXPLORE – with this motto and some super-fantastic features the Suunto Traverse X with GPS Navigation has found in the community of Trekkers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, an unflinching fanbase!

This GPS watch is much more than a wearable fitness gear. It’s a watch that will be your most reliable pal when you decide to take a less travelled path or decide to spend time amidst the majestic mountains. Lo and Behold

Suunto Traverse X GPS Watch

It’s tough, accurate, powerful, built to keep you on track and not get lost and enjoy every moment of your outdoor adventure!

The market today is bombarded with wearable fitness gears and smart watches, however this efficient Finnish-based watch company has somehow managed to make Suunto watches stand quite apart from the crowd. Although commonly compared with other top notch fitness watches in terms of features and pricing, the Suunto models are still considered to be ‘the’ product for the millenial generation.

The Traverse is no different, it’s an out and out adventure in itself packed with features that serve adventurers better than anything! Let’s check out its anatomy and functions!

Design & Built – Brilliant. Sporty. Ergonomic. The Traverse X GPS Navigation watch has a no-nonsense design and feel to it. Its versatile functionality is well reflected in its design too. Essentially, an outdoor watch, the Traverse X is built to bear the brunt of the nature and the adventurous spirit of the wearer. So don’t think that this baby won’t survive the wild. The toughened glass is scratch and water resistant upto 100m/330 ft. The bezel material is stainless steel and the lens is tough mineral crystal. We offer you the option of a rubber strap along with the default silicone strap as well. If you’re worried about or doubt its ruggedness, you will only be proved wrong! It weighs 80 gms.

Navigational Capacity – Super-efficient GPS and GLONASS satellite systems are used for the watch to help you plan, know and even track back your terrains! It records your speed, location, the height you’re at with as much ease as a normal watch would tell the time. It’s one of the most powerful navigation watches out there running on an implausible mechanism.

Measuring Capacity – From steps to your calories, it also measures more complex phenomena such as the weather, storm alarms alerts, daylight, accurately if we may add, thanks to the built in Altimeter and barometer.

Tells the Time Too – If for you re-tracing your steps or helping you with topographical maps and more complex data is not enough. And you would still want to wear the Suunto Traverse X after your adventure has ended, then you can be happy, because this Suunto watch can be your daily smart watch too! Providing notifications about texts, calls, and emails along with the time.

All in all, the Suunto Traverse X is a great watch but do you know what makes it the hottest buy of the year, right now?

A special RYDA offer! We are giving away $129 worth mini action camera – the Oregon Scientific ATC Mini Action Camera with select Suunto watches and the offer is valid for the Traverse X too!

ATC Mini Action Camera

Please note that it’s a limited time offer and available only on select products.

So go over to Ryda & get your Traverse X today!

Go explore and record all great memories on your mini action camera!

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