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Stay on Top of Adventure With Action Cameras

As the name suggests, an action camera is your videography partner for every action-based activity you undertake. Whether you are hiking, trekking, skiing, cycling, skating or snow-boarding, mountain climbing, diving, surfing, track-racing etc, the action cam allows you to be the hero of your own adventure, the teller of your own story!

Record and share every epic moment or even a silly fall. With action cameras you can have a first person account of your thrill-filled moments and are in full control of how precisely you want to capture your excitement. The equipment can be strapped or mounted to any possible surface for a hands-free experience.

With action cameras becoming popular every hour, here are a few basic guidelines to keep in mind when buying one for your next adventure escapade.

Garmin Action Camera

Battery Life – Even the most high-end action camera will hardly stay alive beyond the 3-hour mark. A good battery life seems a far-fetched dream as it predominantly depends on the shooting mode being used. For instance, battery quickly drains if the video is being captured in HD mode. Live streaming eats up the battery as well. Extreme temperatures too can affect the battery for worse and leave you with a limited shooting time. It is best to carry additional batteries and a charging device to keep you sorted.

Thus, when buying, make sure you are buying keeping in mind the battery life of the camera device. If it’s anything lower than 3 hours for full HD recording then it’s better you move onto the next model.

Durability – Since an action camera is a sturdy and portable device, made to withstand rough conditions, check carefully before buying its weight and size. Opt for the smallest and the lightest camera, so that you may have a hassle-free outdoor experience. The more comfortably the camera fits in, the less are the chances of it suffering any damage, which in turn will prolong its life and add to the durability factor.

Also, check for the specifics a camera is made to withstand. For how many feet will it remain waterproof? How high or low temperatures can it operate in? How much dust and shock can it bear to function properly? Asking these questions might just make your camera last a little longer.

GoPro Action Camera

Video Resolution – Most action cameras let you record videos and click images. But one should not really expect top quality images from an action camera as its primary function is recording videos. For still images many aspects like the burst rate, still photo resolution, sensor size, lens quality have to be considered. As the resolution increases so does the burden on your pocket and also its dimensions. The selection of the video resolution depends on the size of the post-capture display screen.

Action cameras come in handy and perform at places for where even the best of video cameras and digital cameras will not work. Comparing the two category of devices is not an intelligent decision.

Hope the information helps you in finally making the long-due decision. With this said, now simply head to Ryda’s online store and get the camera, best suited to the risk-taker in you!


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