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Stay Alert with AlerteGPS Wikango 700 Speed Camera Warning System

Speed cameras came into existence to keep a check on the increasing number of deadly road rage cases. To catch the offenders and penalize them while simultaneously setting higher standards of on-road safety was the mainstay behind introducing the all-pervasive eagle gaze of speed cameras.

The tech geeks of the world are always at work and it is usually their inventive minds that come up with gadgets that either improve upon existing gadgets or are invented as antidotes of certain gadgets, cutting down on their adverse effects. Like in the case of speed cameras that are installed for complete surveillance and as a corrective measure against traffic violators, a warning system informs you about their presence and can be a blessing in saving you from getting a ticket.

A speed camera warning system, like the AlerteGPS Wikango 700, is meant to let you know at least 500 meters in advance about the approaching light points and the speed at which they require you to drive at so that you can slow down in time. This Speed Camera Warning System is probably the best available option in the market today to alert you about upcoming red lights, fixed as well as point-to-point average speed cameras, school areas (notifications are switched off for non-school timings), rail crossings and danger zones. Below we have a compiled a checklist to validate our calling the AlerteGPS Wikango 700 Camera the best, read to discover more!

AlerteGPS Wikango 700 GPS Speed Camera Warning System

Comfortably Minimal – Do not be mistaken by the size of Wikango 700. It may be small in size but packs a power performance, acting as a wireless assistant to the person driving.

Not a Detector – AlertGPS is very particular about not being party to any illegal practices. The Wikango 700 is a legally approved warning system and not an illegal radar detector that operates in hiding. A warning system works on the surface level, giving subtle reminders and not really going into law opposing areas; doing which might result in confiscation of the vehicle, imposition of a fine, suspension of driving license and other serious consequences.

Free of Cost Updates – Most in-car GPS navigators come with maps only as recent as the manufacturing of the device and are required to be updated constantly for the latest routes. Thankfully, there is not such requirement with the Wikango 700 as it is entitled with AlerteGPS database that is updated weekly, free of cost!

Convenient to Use – The Wikango 700 comes with a magnet mount that enables you to place the device conveniently anywhere in your vehicle. Also with loud enough voice instructions, the placing of the alerter does not not matter much. The notification device also features a built-in battery to charge on the go, a headphone socket for ease of use by a bike rider, along with an LED screen displaying current speed and an eco mode that puts the screen at rest only to awake it in the wake of a notification, preventing the device from being an unnecessary distraction while driving.

At Ryda you will get not just a high performing warning system but also a complete range of performance enhancing accessories like the replacement magnet, USB cable, battery, and car charger for utmost convenience of usage.

Since it is Valentine’s week, and the perfect time to gift your loved ones some thoughtful gifts, the Wikango 700 surely makes it to that list. What better gift than the gift of protection and safety, not just for others but for your heart’s contentment as well.

Wishing all a love-filled shopping time!

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4 thoughts on “Stay Alert with AlerteGPS Wikango 700 Speed Camera Warning System”

  1. Hi< I am interested in this product, is it legal in Australia, how do I order one and how much is it to deliver to postcode 3150?

      1. hi david,

        What is the other closest product you have like the witango 700. I am mainly looking for the mobile speed camera location warnings. I already have 1 wikango 700 which i got from you and need another one.


        konda Reddy

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