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Save Electricity with Solar Power Bulbs & Solar Power Chargers

We are all aware of the effects of our rapid and increasing use of fossil fuels and have heard stories, read news & articles on how to curb the excessive use of our fossil fuels and try to conserve them for our future generations.

The answer is quite simple and something that surely all of us are aware of, i.e. using renewable sources of energy such as solar energy, wind energy and the likes.

Out of all the renewable energy sources, the one that the scientists around the world have been most successful in capturing is Solar Energy. As technology advances, we see more and more breakthroughs in successful capture and utilization of solar energy.

One of the most widespread application of Solar Energy is in solar lights and batteries. When you use solar energy to power your lights, you are not only saving precious resources but also contributing to the environment as solar panels, lights or batteries emit no greenhouse gases, before or after installation.

At Ryda, we are as concerned about our environment as you are. Wery our best to offer useful products to our customers. You can find solar lights, that can be installed in your garden or anywhere outside or wherever the sun rays reach.

Solar Light Bulb
Nokero Solar Light Bulb

Along with being safe for the environment, Solar lights also have many other benefits to them, such as:

  • Easy, no-hassle installation as no wiring required. Just take them out of their packaging, assemble them and keep them wherever you need light, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Since they do not use electricity, they also end up being economical as the sun provides us with free sunlight, all year long!
  • Solar lights do not emit harmful greenhouse gases, which means they do not contribute to global warming or harm the environment in any way.
  • Most Solar lights have in-built darkness sensors so that you do not have to worry about switching them off.

Our store also offers solar batteries that will come quite handy not only in regular life but especially during camping and hiking where you might not find electrical power sources. And you do not have to worry about cloudy skies or ample sunlight not being present as they also come with a Li Ion rechargeable battery on-board. You can simply pre-charge them from home before you leave with a Micro USB Input and you’re ready to go wherever your feet take you.

Bushnell Powersync Solarwrap
Bushnell Powersync Solarwrap

Look through our selection of Solar powered products and do your bit to keep the environment and valuable resources safe for our future generations!

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