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Polar CS100 Cycling Computer: For Fitness Freaks

Fitness today is more than just a fad! The realities of the consumerist lifestyle has brought in many life-style related diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. The rising level of awareness has led to more and more people joining the fitness bandwagon and what’s better than cycling your way away to create an inspiring fitness story.

CS100 Cycling Computer

The polar CS100 cycling computer available at Ryda’s web store is one of the top-selling products at our store.  With more and more people joining the riding spree, bike computers are becoming more common and also more advanced. The latest  CS100 model comes with a lot of options and brings preciser results.

Some of the features that this bike computer has are:

  • It comes with an in-built heart monitor to measure cycling speed.
  • Your estimated time of arrival can also be calculated based on the speed at which you’re cycling.
  • The computer also calculates the amount of calories you  burnt during the ride. It can also show heart zones and a graphical comparison of speed and heart rate.
  • Settings are available for two bicycles.

This model successfully overcame the problem all initial models had, such as the availability of relevant clips for attachment. The speed sensor installation is available for different fork shapes.

At our store, the product comes with a genuine Australian Polar warranty.  The cycling computer is shipped from our Sydney warehouse and not drop shipped from overseas, which means that you will get it slightly faster and also in top shape.

Ryda’s web store offers a huge range of products in the health and fitness category. Browse through our product catalog and take your first steps towards a healthy lifestyle with our wide range of health and fitness products.

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