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Philips DVT8000 360° Noise-Free Audio Recorder

Keeping track of each important point discussed in a meeting or noting down every sentence said in a lecture becomes quite a task, especially when done for long durations. It is here one chooses to take the help of audio recorders or digital notetakers, but unfortunately, they too cannot do much if you are not in close proximity to the speaker(s). But with the Philips DVT8000 Voice Tracer rocking the portable audio recorders scene, you can easily say bye to all the passe options that give low-quality results.

This digital recorder by Philips comprises a DVT 6500 audio recorder along with a superior quality specialized meeting microphone. The two devices combine to make a power gadget that will hardly disappoint. Below we have elaborated on all the features that this digital voice tracer has to offer. If you are frequently in situations loaded with a lot of information that need precise retention then read through carefully to be amazed.

Philips DVT8000 Voice Tracer Audio Recorder

  • Enjoy the convenience of a full-radius, or better put, a 360° sound pick-up. No matter how far or near the person speaking is seated from the recorder, thanks to the revolutionary boundary layer mic technology of the meeting microphone, every word from any angle is recorded in crystal clear quality.
  • With 4 GB of internal storage, record and store audio clips for up to 44 days. Apart from the built-in memory, there is also a micro SD card slot for extending the storage space up to 32 GB. The recordings are also time and date stamped for convenience while sorting or searching for a particular recording. Philips has further made the already portable recorder even more user-friendly. By giving a wireless remote control, the microphone can be placed at an optimum position comfortably and allowing ease of operation.
  • The remote control comes with a large color display and an in-built motion sensor which enables it to detect the placement of the device so as not to affect the audio quality. It also comes with a pre-recording function in which the recorder starts recording five seconds prior to actually when the record button is pressed. You can also activate voice assisted recording wherein recording starts when someone speaks and stops when the conversation ends.
  • The high-fidelity microphones make the recording of CD-quality like music possible. Capture soft as well as loud sounds with precision and exact effects. You can also just plug and play via USB any of the recordings and music.

Now go to an all-important meet or that long lecture or even on a field job requiring you to interview people and capture absolutely clear, high definition and noise-free audio.

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