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Parrot BeBop Drone & Skycontroller – Soar Like A Champion!

Camera drones, the little flying devices, are probably the best way to take superb aerial shots. While heightening the already fascinating aerial imagery, drones let you venture into hard-to-reach areas with ease. Also known as quadcopters, drones have opened new and improved ways of professional functioning and philanthropy work.

Whatever you need a drone for, there is always a desire to own the best. And the best drones come from Parrot. It is Parrot’s BeBop drone and skycontroller that lets you capture the world from high above and from all possible angles. If you already own an entry-level drone and are looking to upgrade, then read on to know what makes the BeBop an enviable one.

Parrot Bebop Drone & Skycontroller


The dedicated skycontroller comes equipped with features that let you have a great piloting experience. Either dock your smartphone or tablet and control the drone on a short range Wi-fi through the FreeFlight 3 app or simply maneuver the drone using the skycontroller as a standalone device with a long range Wi-Fi benefit because of the antenna that can amplify upto 36 dBm. You can also pair first-person view (FPV) glasses via an HDMI port and enjoy an immersible streaming experience with telemetry advantage.

Its range of features includes two ultra-precise joysticks give you full control over the direction and movement of the drone and an embedded GPS gets you real-time flight data. It also helps the drone make a safe landing back home in case you lose track or the signal gets cut. A foldable sunshade cover protects the piloting device from sun reflections and a neck strap comfortably distributes the weight of the controller over the shoulders while ensuring shake-free controls and shooting experience.


The robust and lightweight BeBop drone consists of a 14 megapixel fisheye camera and records Full HD videos in 1080p. With a 180 degrees field view and a 3-axes stabilization system, clicking pictures and shooting videos without compromising on stability was never this easy. Also the onboard navigation computer featuring a Parrot P7 dual-core CPU, quad core GPU and 8GB of flash memory make it a power performer. As a precautionary measure, the drone comes fitted with an ABS reinforced structure that makes the propellers automatically stop in case of a mid-air collision and the in-built GPS brings the drone back to its starting point safely.

If these are the specifications you have been looking for in a drone, then all you need to do is visit the Ryda online store to purchase it. Choose from three vibrant color variants, blue, yellow and red. We are sure the drone will let your vision fly like no other! Get it today.

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