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Oregon Heart Rate Monitor Watch – Because Health Comes First

Increasing stress levels and lack of optimum physical activity have put our hearts at the risk of contracting coronary diseases. The best we can do to avoid any short or long-term illnesses is to exercise daily. But to get the most out of any fitness regime, we need to re-look and change our approach towards how we choose to stay fit. Just blindly following traditional ways, not knowing or trying to find out what will work best for our bodies individually, will not get us the desired results. And also because not every form of exercise is meant for everyone.

Today, exercising techniques have greatly evolved and so have the ways to measure and monitor the vital health statistics. One such gadget, proof of the fast-changing trends, is a heart rate monitor watch. Mainly meant for those who workout rigorously and have training plans charted out and need to know their heart rate from time-to-time to estimate whether their exercise is intense enough or not to provide health benefits.

In order to cater to the growing awareness about health and fitness, we at Ryda, have a wide range of bands, watches and monitors to help you strike a balance between work and health. The Oregon SE336M Heart Rate Monitor Watch offers some great features at a very affordable price. Read right on to know more!

Oregon Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Designed for Comfort – The Oregon watch has been thoughtfully designed keeping in mind the activities it will be most likely worn for. Just a tap on the screen will let you see the stats you want, without having to look for the tiny buttons at the top or side of the watch. Touch-sensitive technology has not only made it easy to use but has also taken the slightest of clumsiness away from this particular category of gadgets.

The slimmer design coupled with a stylish looking, breathable & great-fitting soft silicon strap further make the watch a great wearable and a value for money purchase. To add to the awesomeness, Oregon has made the watch water resistant and introduced a backlight for visual clarity in low-light conditions.

Fitness Assistant – The Oregon watch does not just keep count of the current, average and maximum heart rate but also calculates the amount of calories and fat burned. It also alerts the wearer when their heart rate rises or drops below the normal range. With a heart rate belt, connected wirelessly to the wrist watch to display the data, you can set a target zone for workouts and know how far you can push yourself or when are you over-doing. Training in your target zone helps reduce the risk of cardio-vascular problems and musculoskeletal injury.

Heart rate monitors are becoming staple gadgets for fitness enthusiasts. If you have been looking for a heart rate monitor that will not burn a hole in your pocket, then you will be pleasantly surprised that this one by Oregon is being offered at a whooping 50% discount on our online store. So don’t procrastinate and get on with your training routine already!

If you are already a proud owner of this device, let us know how you like it in the comments section below.

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