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Why Mirrorless Cameras Are A Smart Buy

Nikon Mirrorless CameraBored of your point-and-shoot digital camera? Planning to buy a new camera to take your photography love to an altogether different level but feel that the DSLR is way too expensive? Then its time for you to think about mirrorless camera. Also known as Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera (MILC), the introduction to these cameras entails a lot more than just being mirrorless.

When a camera is mirrorless, it means that the optical viewfinder, present in most other cameras is missing. Being mirrorless is less of a disadvantage and more of an advantage and gives these cameras an edge over its counterparts. Mirrorless cameras are an ideal combination of easy to use point-and-shoots and the more complex DSLRs. Let us take a look at all the qualities which make these a smart buy.

Lightweight – Due to the absence of the traditional flipping mirror, the overall weight of the camera gets reduced considerably. This absence not just makes for a lighter kit but also results in less shaky images giving you better quality captures. Globetrotters and travel junkies will love it particularly as they will be able to conveniently hang it around their necks while sight-seeing or even on assignment in the field.

Adaptable with Different Lenses – As the name suggests, mirrorless cameras are compatible with lenses of different focal lengths. Experiment with a variety of lenses available and get the best shots ever.

Compact & Low Noise – If you do not want your forearms to hurt after an enthusiastic clicking session, then the compact and much smaller mirrorless camera is your pick. You need not limit or compromise on your travel baggage and can accommodate a lot more than just the bulky camera kit. Also, with no mirror, the shutter sound is almost nil. This quality can be a boon for wildlife photographers and even for taking those candid shots without letting the subject know.

Get More for Less – A mirrorless camera’s auto-focus is a bit slower as compared to a DSLR and also tends to cost a bit more than a point-and-shoot. Keeping these aspects aside, the price at which you get a mirrorless camera with better and larger sensors, improved auto-focusing ability, and the resulting high-quality pictures, is a lot less. And it is these high-performing features that have brought this category of cameras at par with DSLRs and the difference is diminishing fast.

A high-end upgrade is fantastic if you are a professional photographer and know the finer nuances of the craft well. But if you are just fond of capturing special moments while gradually learning the art of taking more intelligent shots then the mirrorless camera is your best bet.

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