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Military Watches at Ryda – Get outside!

Ever since the first world war, and probably even before that, military personnel all over the world had started replacing their pocket watches with wrist watches, for more accurate and better time management. Pocket watches were sometimes cumbersome on the battlefield, and the need arose to give the troops and their commanding generals a watch that is accurate and is easy to use, even when on the battlefield. Many major watch manufacturers started making watches specially designed for the military, by the first world war.

World War I Military Watch Source: The Internet
World War I Military Watch
Source: The Internet

The exact origins aren’t known but it is said that military wrist watches first came into use in the 1880s. But it was the first world war that cemented their place. The first world war saw the rise of luminous military watches with a steel/ metal cover knows as the shrapnel cover to protect the glass dial of the watch. By the time the second world war came, military watches had made their way into aeronautics and navy as well, with every officer who needed to keep a track of the time having a wristwatch. When the early 50s rolled around, the wristwatch had become a staple and could be seen on every man’s hand.

The military watch earlier was common only among defense personnel but now it has become a style of watches. Today, you not only get military watches that are made specifically for the soldiers and officers, but also those kinds that have all the features that can be found in a military watch. Enthusiasts who like the look and feel of a military watch can own one. Many brands offer military watches for sale but some of the most popular watches come from established adventure brands such as Garmin, Suunto and the likes.

Owning a Military Watch can be quite beneficial, with the amount of features that come with these watches.

A Suunto Traverse Alpha watch comes with some really amazing features, such as:

Suunto Traverse Alpha Stealth GPS Watch
Suunto Traverse Alpha Stealth GPS Watch
  • 3 different modes – hiking, fishing and hunting
  • Weather trends and storm alarms
  • A compass for navigation
  • A built-in barometric pressure sensor for tracking your ascent on altitude
  • Tracking for speed and distance also available
  • Water resistance up to 100 meter/ 330 feet

When you shop with Ryda, you will also get a Genuine Australian Suunto Warranty along with a Peace of Mind Purchase Guarantee, so that you know that when you shop with us, you only get genuine and amazing products that you’ll love!

Today, military outdoor watches are mostly used in adventurous or outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, mountain climbing and more. If you’re the adventurous kind and are looking for a watch that will keep up with your daily grind, then, we have just the right watch for you. Head over to Ryda and choose from a collection of Garmin’s and Suunto’s best military watches!

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