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Home Alarm Kit : When Safety Is A Priority

A household without a home alarm kit is 3 times more likely to get robbed – a good enough reason to install one. Imagine the scary scenario when you encounter an intrusion and your reaction provokes the burglars even more. The chances, of your being at a safer location by being alarmed well in time increase when you have a sound security system. The audible anti-intrusion siren delivers a deafening sound equivalent of an intimidating well-timed warning. Check out why you should absolutely buy a kit for your home:


DIY models have easy to install security kit – Check out the Swann security kit at Ryda online store. While the alarm can be controlled with fingertips, the motion activated sensor can easily turn off and turn on the siren. The latest model sends alerts to tablets or smart phones.

Window breakage and glass door breakage detected – Though exact features may vary as per model and cost, most of the recent models come with the feature of movement or motion detection. The detected movements are then sent as notifications to smart phones and tablets or whichever gadget the system is connected to.

Live video streaming – Real time footage on mobile or laptop is possible with the alarm. This is a great feature that ensures a great advantage to the homeowners.

Few models also work as fire alarms – An alarm kit is more than an imagined intrusion situation. The system also works as an early warning smoke alarm in case of a fire outbreak. The more advanced models may also be able to signal the source of heat.

The security products at Ryda’s online store come with genuine Australian warranty. Go through the product catalogue and install a secure alarm to keep your family and loved ones safe.

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