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Garmin Vivofit, Polar FT7 & Suunto M1 – What To Buy & Why?

While everybody loves the possibility of having a toned body and a sculpted figure, there are only a few of us who are practically ready to do the hard work to reach their ideal weight number. Still, the very thought of buying an activity tracker is exciting to everyone. Fitness watches and activity trackers, in fact, have proven to be more useful in helping people make that switch to a healthier and more active lifestyle. Maybe this is the reason why fitness gadgets are the latest obsession of the adventurous millennials.

The whole world seems to be taken over by fitness essentials and gadgets which track heart rates, calorie intake, calorie burn, work-outs, the number of steps taken, and other stats which can be immensely useful for anyone on the either side of the fitness spectrum. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast with marathons under your belt or a starter for whom lasting a spinning class is reason enough for pride, activity and heart rate trackers will prove of great value to you. Before you hit the buy button on the fitness related products at Ryda, we want you to slow down and be very conscious of your choice of fitness tracker so as to avoid being disappointed later on.

Let’s explore the best options for workout enthusiasts; amateur or pro :

1) Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Polar FT7 Heart Monitor Watch

Polar is rated among the finest heart rate and activity trackers. It is a wearable designed for fitness freaks and exercise enthusiasts. Polar helps people achieve their fitness goals by displaying essential statistics and performance against measurable parameters. The Polar FT7 records and displays the following:

a) Heart Rate – It measures Heart Rate in beats per minute (bpm) / % of your maximum heart rate
b) Polar Energy Pointer – Energy pointer tells you whether your activity is burning fat or improving fitness levels. It’s a great way to know the impact of your training session.
c) Other interesting watch features – These include Polar personal training diaries, target zone training and stats
d) The web interface allows you to design your personal training program and track last 99 sessions.

2) Suunto M1 Fitness Heart Rate Watch

Suunto M1 Heart Rate Watch

Trust this Finnish company to equip you with the best tools to reach your fitness goals. Loaded with workout-specific and general activity tracking features, this fitness wearable is a great way to keep pursuing your fitness goals.

a) The M1 is a simplistic, no-nonsense, and sleek watch that shows you your real time heart rate, real time calories, and standard fitness watch displays.
b) The Suunto M1 may be simple but it is specialized to help athletes maintain their optimum performance by making them track their exercise stats.
c) One of the key features of the Suunto M1 is the auto-switch among three heart rate zones available in this interface. If you want distraction-free and fluff-free information about your heart rate, then there’s nothing better than the Suunto M1.

Another fitness tracker worth mentioning here is the Garmin Vivofit smart band. The Garmin Vivofit is an out-and-out activity tracker that does not monitor heart rate. It features:

Garmin Vivofit

a) Number of steps with distance covered
b) Activity level for the entire day
c) Customizable fitness goal interface that allows you to add personal training routines and goals to the Garmin connect to track progress.

The only advantage that the Garmin Vivofit offers over the Polar and the Suunto models is its low price. However, we suggest that you get a tracker with a heart rate monitor as it lets you keep a check on your heart rate in routine life too. With accurate information about your heart rate, you can instantly take measures in case of a high-stress situation or when experiencing low-pulse.

See how this guy, noticed a drop in his heart rate on his Fitbit Charge HR after his partner broke up with him or how this guy’s life was practically saved by his heart rate monitor by giving doctors his heart rate stats of a few days.

These are definitely reasons enough to invest in a proper tracker with an accurate heart rate monitor. On the other hand, Polar and Suunto, impress regardless!

Shop at Ryda for more of such amazing gadgets! 🙂

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