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Our Super-Awesome Wireless Speakers Are Up for Grabs Before the Halloween Sets In!

With only 13 days left for Halloween, we are pretty sure that you are either deciding on your costume or contemplating whether to have that long-due get together for Halloween, at your house. If you are stuck on the former, then Ryda  can only direct you to best Halloween costumes for 2016. But if you are preparing for a smashing late October party in your home then we have got something very special to offer to you. Our incredible range of wireless, portable, and colourful speakers!

We at Ryda ensure that each gadget and electronic  we retail is not just good quality but the best possible electronic available  out there. For our Halloween special sales offer, we have picked up some  wonderful and powerful portable speakers that work seamlessly on Bluetooth connectivity, and some , even on WiFi. Our range includes affordable, great quality speakers with genuine brand warranty.

We know that we all crave for those fantastic Bose and  JBL speakers but sometimes quality is also found among the lesser popular portable speakers out there. Our range offers those speakers in particular, which may not be as highly ranked as JBL and  Bose but offers equally awesome sound output and quality. Let’s see what’s in store that is perfect for your budget and also as a potential buy:

Sony Portable Speakers

Sony Portable Speakers: With NFC technology (one-touch listening), Bluetooth streaming, and extra Bass sound, you simply cannot go wrong with a Sony wireless, portable speaker. The battery life of this audio goodness is up to 12 hours, so you can enjoy music until your ears hurt or the neighbors complain (we hope that you don’t face any scenario, though). The extraordinary bass can be attributed to the unique Sony Signal processor which  enhances deep, low-pitched sounds. If you like punch music with its raw rhapsodies, then this is the speaker for you! The speaker is also ergonomically designed and water-resistant. Yes, you read that right – water-resistant. Also, the Sony speaker is so compact that you can carry it to your outdoor camping nights, or anywhere you deem fit to party! We are offering a wide range of Sony speakers and you can choose the model that you <3 the most! Note that all speakers are being offered on marked down pricing.

Panasonic Wireless Speaker

Panasonic Wireless CD Speaker – Rarely a speaker comes by that not only supports a spectacular sound quality but is also very versatile. This speaker system also lets you play the CDs! The Panasonic speaker with us is a  model  you wouldn’t want to miss because of its  durable built, high-res sounds, preset buttons, and a 40W output power. It is  the SC-ALL 7CD speaker system. This speaker is so versatile that you can also re-stream music with your Bluetooth, CD, memory (card)?, Radio, and USB. If you are looking for a powerhouse of sound, then look no further than the Panasonic range. A little pricey, but the speakers from Panasonic are totally worth their salt. If you are not sure, just take a look at their sleek and elegant designs.

Philips Portable Speaker

Philips Bluetooth and Wireless Speakers – Let not the brightly-coloured exterior, the round shape, and the unusual  looking Philips BT models fool you. With a sound quality that can compete with the list above and an anti-clipping feature that lets you enjoy music even at really high decibel levels is something that must not be ignored. Don’t let the 2W sound output put you off, the battery is efficient and durable. The music clear, loud, and just how it should sound. The anit-clipping feature ensures that the sound does not start breaking or becomes distorted when the battery is low and the music loud. Extremely affordable, the Philips speaker makes for a great, guilt-free top-of-the-hat buy. Check out the Philips BT50L  or the entire range at:!/p=2&order=price

Trust Ryda to bring you the best and the most affordable gadgets in Australia. We wish that you enjoy your Halloween and your music too! 🙂

A happy, musical Halloween and All Saints’ Day from all of us at Ryda!

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