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Grab the January Specials Before They are Gone!

Who says sales and discounts must only be restricted to year-end or holiday seasons? We, at Ryda, know how a smile lights up your face on striking a pocket-friendly deal on a product you have longed for. So what if it is already January, the party at Ryda is not yet over and here is another chance for you to cash on some best deals.

As part of our January Clearance sale, we are giving away a wide range of products at considerably low prices. From cameras, car-audio, watches to digital radios and GPS systems, find all your favorite things at an amazing discount. The list does not end here, we also have something for outdoor enthusiasts who just have to be out and about! Check out a brief introduction to the very useful and high-performing gadgets below.

Hope you find a reliable outdoor partner in one or all of these. Now lets get down to the real bit, and see how each one will contribute to making your outdoor experience the most convenient one.

Nite Ize SHOELIT Led – This is for all those who enjoy leisure walks in the morning and evening or often undertake treks and hikes in some serious terrains. With an easy-to-clasp stainless steel ring, just attach it to your shoelaces and you are good to go. This Nite Ize features a bright white LED that can be switched on and off with a quick twist. It is enclosed within a water-resistant casing too. So next time you head out, make sure you have the Shoelit on for your safety and also to be easily identifiable. Get it just for $6.85!

Nite Ize SHOELIT Led

Nite Ize SLAPLIT LED Slap Wrap – Struggling with low visibility troubles early in the morning or late in the evening? Looking for a hands-free illumination option? The Nite Ize Slap Wrap is the solution for you. With a bright red LED, that works both in glow and flash modes, wear it on your wrist, upper arm or ankle and go running, walking, or cycling unhindered! Can be bought for $15.25 under the current offer. Hurry!

Nite Ize SLAPLIT LED Slap Wrap

LED Lenser NEO Head Torch – Another quality lighting solution is the Neo headlamp from LED Lenser, one of the leading manufacturer of LED lights. The compact, lightweight head torch emits 90 lumens of light for a distance up to 10m. The user can also switch between power, low power, and defense strobe modes as per the light focus required. It also comes with a 150˚ ultra-wide beam and a red blinking light for you to be spotted from a distance. Equipped with this power performer, venture out before the sun is up or after sun down without second thoughts. Available for $28.85 after discount!

LED Lenser NEO Head Torch

Oregon Scientific PE988R Pedometer – This portable pedometer by Oregon Scientific which can be carried around in one’s pocket, handbag or even hung around the neck is encouragement enough to walk for health! It comes with a backlight function, has memory for stats upto one week, comes in an attractive red casing, and also has 16 preset international destinations you can walk to! The very rewarding gadget can be purchased for $28.85 for the next few days.

Oregon Scientific PE988R Pedometer

Uniden Jump Start Kit – This device by Uniden is a savior for outdoor enthusiasts. The Jump Start Kit enables people to completely recharge down and out car batteries. It allows you to inflate tyres when needed. Not just this, it also comes with a USB port and an air pump to let you power handheld devices and check tyre pressure respectively. Having this one gadget cuts down on the extra cost and the inconvenience that comes with searching for roadside assistance during emergencies. Definitely, a not-to-miss product, especially if it’s priced at $189.85!

Uniden Jump Start Kit

Don’t think much, else it will be too late to regret. Grab the January specials before they are gone and make the most of the special offers!

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