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Gigaset SL910H Touchscreen Handset – The Best a Cordless Phone Can Get

All through the year, one definitely misses being at home and surrounded by loved ones, but not as much as when the holiday fever starts to rise! Because festivities are not really celebrations when all alone. It is the affection and love of your dearest relations that makes happy occasions sweeter and warmer.

And if the chances of your reaching home in time for the holidays seem bleak this year too then you better be equipped with the best possible communication devices to help you connect effortlessly. With new-age gadgets taking center stage as newer technology gets introduced every now and then, the simple-to-use and old school cordless phone seem to be left behind.

But not anymore! Gigaset, previously Siemens Gigaset, has redefined the way we look at the humble predecessor of mobile phones and video calling. Their SL910H handset is sure to impress with its premium and intuitive homephone features. Get to know why we are all for this high-performing Gigaset with some of the best features discussed here in detail.

Gigaset SL910H Touchscreen Handset

  • The Gigaset SL910H carries the most sophisticated and high-end cordless phone design ever. With superior quality metal detailing on the handset frame and charger stand, it is both gorgeous to look at and hold for use.
  • The Gigaset comes with upto 14 hours of talk time and a standby time of 200 hours. Looks perfect for someone who cannot go a day without that long distance call that never seems to end or someone who is forever on the phone, keeping a tab on everything and everyone. You can continue to both make and receive calls without recharging for three days straight.
  • It also comes with a 3.2-inch touchscreen display that makes browsing through contacts a breeze. The large display definitely helps with Gigaset offering a scrollable address book of a capacity of upto 500 vCards. It also makes accessing an array of calling functions much more convenient.
  • You can also have some fun and play around with the interface. Being Bluetooth enabled, you can easily synchronize contacts from other devices, music files to have ringtones as per one’s liking, and even transfer pictures to be set as contact photos. Customizing screensavers too is possible. Not just a cordless phone, it will also keep you organized with a calendar and clock updates for appointments and alarms.
  • The SL910H is an energy-saving and low radiation device. Depending upon how far the handset is from the base station, the transmitting power gets reduced. To further reduce the power being transmitted you can switch to ECO Mode and to lessen the radiation, ECO Mode Plus can be selected.

Like what you just read and have already made up your mind to bring home one, then you will be delighted to know that it can be bought at almost half the price. With a 48.8% holiday special discount, the SL910H will make for a nice Christmas present for your home. Don’t think much. It is a limited time offer! Just log into the Ryda online store and always feel closer to your favorite people with this Gigaset around!

Happy Holiday Shopping!

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