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Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire – A Watch for the Performers

Garmin, a world leader in navigation, fitness, and outdoor wearables for the aviation, marine, sports, and automotive industries aims to provide ‘compelling design, superior quality, and best value’ through its product range. We at Ryda are proud to be associated with a brand with such consumer-centric focus and product range. We too, like the brand, vow to take forward Garmin’s mission and vision through our impeccable service in the capacity of a responsible dealer.

Of the diverse Garmin range available at our online store, in this post, we’ll be covering the super-functional and highly useful Sapphire edition of the Garmin Fenix 5. Know why and how this one makes up for every fitness freak or outdoor enthusiast’s dream gadget. Read below for a brief round-up on the absolutely must-know features!

This multi-sport GPS wrist watch comes with much-coveted features in the fitness, adventure, and even style categories. Let’s find out how each one of them can be useful to you.

Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire - Slate Gray with Metal Band

  • Not just measure metrics but also stay connected via emails, texts, and alerts on the go. The watch will receive each and every message through smart notifications and deliver it you no matter whether you are hiking, golfing, or in any part of the world. Be in the loop for any and everything seamlessly!
  • This Garmin lets you monitor heart rate without wearing the cumbersome chest strap. Equipped with the ‘Elevate’ heart rate technology, the watch shows accurate heart rate for a variety of activities such as walking and sleeping. It also lets you know of the calories burned and the intensity of a particular fitness regime using the heart rate information.
  • With a metal band and a stainless steel bezel, the watch boasts of a rugged make. What adds to the premium feel of the watch is the scratch-resistant, extremely durable, and trans-reflective sapphire lens. This is not it, the Garmin also comes with a bright, high-resolution, full-color Chroma display that also supports LED back lighting. There is also an option of interchangeable bands in leather, silicone, apart from metal. This option lets you go from formal to casual in no time.
  • The watch lets you navigate your way efficiently too. With the GPS, altimeter, barometer, compass, and GLONASS to guide you through any terrain, be sure to never lose way. And all this is backed by a long battery life too, ensuring that you stay on the correct route and are aware of the weather, always.
  • Step-up your regimen and let Garmin not just measure your performance but also help you plan the training and recovery cycles more effectively. It will expertly evaluate whether the workout routine is optimum, peaking, or overreaching and suggest changes accordingly.
  • The Garmin Fenix 5 series also lets you monitor more aggressive activities such as running, swimming, skiing, paddle sports, golfing, etc. Multi-sport stat tracking was definitely never this easy.

Also, check out an equally good and a more spunky counterpart, the Slate Gray Fenix 5 with a Yellow Band. This one, apart from carrying a more colorful vibe, comes packed with more or less the same performance metrics but just not the Sapphire related specials.

Garmin Fenix 5 - Slate Gray with Amp Yellow Band

You will also be happy to know that both these Garmin watches are available at a marked down price. Just visit the Ryda store to purchase either of these watches and be equipped for your workout regime or adventure game.

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