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Presenting the Garmin DriveSmart GPS Navigation System – What Smart Drivers Drive With

It’s a commonly shared myth that men are bad with directions. In 2016, the myth has been evidently dismissed. Now, everybody is bad with directions! 😀

Well, when each car comes equipped with a GPS navigation, you can pretty much imagine this generation’s relation with directions! But who’s complaining? Not us, and, definitely, not the generation driving, currently.

Navigation expert or not, a GPS navigation system in your car can only be useful. Ryda brings to you the leader among the GPS Navigation Systems – The Garmin DriveSmart 70LMT GPS Navigator.

Garmin DriveSmart 70 LMT GPS Navigator

Garmin tops the charts when it comes to Navigation systems. The models by Garmin not only promise accurate directions but also help you drive more cautiously. Garmin GPS navigation systems were ranked #1 in 2016 and beat top players such as the Magellan and TomTom.

The DriveSmart further proves Garmin’s prowess in the smart GPS systems segment. Just like the newly launched Garmin nuviCam or the Garmin Edge, the DriveSmart is an efficient and an accurate system. Even though less-popular, the DriveSmart GPS70 LMT GPS Navigator by Garmin scores high on design and functionality. It is a worthy car companion thanks to the truckload of features it comes with. Let’s see what makes this Garmin navigator, a reliable companion on the road.

1) Screen size & Display – With physical dimensions 7.4″W x 4.4″H x .8″D (18.9 x 11.1 x 2.0 cm); Display size, WxH 6.0″W x 3.4″H (15.3 x 8.5 cm); 7″ dig (17.6 cm) and Display resolution, WxH 800 x 480 pixels, the Garmin 70 LMT navigator displays routes, instructions, and other POIs superbly!

2) Voice-Activated Navigation – The Garmin GPS 70 LMT has a very convenient voice activation feature that lets you control the device using your voice. It allows you to command the device handsfree!

3) Integrated Smart Features – YYou can sync the Bluetooth device with your phone and activate smart features such as hands-free calling, calendar reminders, text messages and more. You can receive other customizable notifications as well on the right of the display screen while staying focused on driving.

4) Multi-level views and surrounding landscape displays – With a highly communicative display, the Garmin GPS navigator shows you the shortest routes, bird’s eye view of your route, and uses the PhotoReal junction view to display the intersections (including the landscape) on the way to your destination. These three views and the active lane, distance, and time information allow you to navigate through intricate intersections and junctions without trouble.

5) Garmin Traffic Avoidance – This is a God-sent feature for the millennial driver who drives on over-crowded roads. The Garmin 70 LMT receives traffic information directly without the assistance of a smartphone. It informs the driver about the real time situation, delays expected, and alternate routes or detours that the driver can take.

6) Guidance using Landmark – The Garmin 70 LMT guides like a friend, without the annoying delays or the unwanted quips, though. Yes! This new GPS system does not guide like a robot but uses actual and real time landmarks to make sure you are on track and on the right way to your destination. The feature called, “Get Real Directions” uses landmarks and instructs accordingly. For example, “turn right after the red building”, and so on.

7) Reach at the Doorstep! The Direct Access feature offers navigation to complex destinations in a much more simplified way than before. You don’t have to be content with reaching in the vicinity because this Garmin navigator ensures that you reach right outside the doorstep of your final destination. For example, you can navigate a mall and reach the specific store, like this example, “Arriving at Woodfield Mall. Anthropologie is inside, on the upper level.” How super cool is that!

8) The Easy Search & Find – The GPS navigator comes loaded with almost many POIs and makes the search for your destination easy & hassle-freet! Whether it is a coffee shop, museum or any other destination, the DriveSmart navigator search field prompts and returns relevant result as fast as Google! In the case of misspellings, it offers multiple suggestions for your search.

9) Pair it with a camera for a panoramic view! You can pair the GPS navigator with a camera or a Baby cam to get a full view of your surroundings or your babies in the backseat. Camera footage allows you to see pedestrians and other obstacles that may pose a threat.

Isn’t the Garmin DriveSmart GPS really smart? It’s been one of the hottest products at Ryda and we’d recommend it to any and everyone who needs to invest in a GPS. Get it and minimize the risk of erroneous driving greatly.

Here’s to better driving, shorter routes, and reaching on time!

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