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Fitness Trend: The Rise of the Heart Rate Monitors

The fitness and gadget revolution started when the society saw the dawn of the Pedometers. Pedometers were, and still are, ‘the’ fitness gadget but now there’s more to fitness tracking gadgets than just counting the number of steps and calories burnt during the course of a day. The all new important stat is – the Heart Rate and the new millenial fitness gadget is the Heart Rate monitor (HRM)!

Suunto Heart Rate Monitor

Now, one doesn’t need to go to a physician or a cardiologist to know their heart beat rate or to keep a track of their heart rate. One can now simply switch to a wearable HRM that also records activity, number of steps and even allows you to train according to your heart rate. All the latest models of fitness wearbles feature the heart rate functionality.

If you too are religious about your fitness and health regime, then, chances are that you already own a wearable. So we’d just like to invite you to check out our really special range of heart rate monitors-cum-pedometers-cum-health trackers. And if you are someone who is looking for a wearable to stick to a workout or be fanatically disciplined about it, then voila – this was written for you!

We are only going to give you a glimpse of the top wearable heart rate monitors with us. You can check Ryda’s entire range here.

Name of the Model

Heart Rate


Exercise Guidance /

Daily Goals

Cost @ Ryda

(Lower than original price)

Suunto M5 Fitness HRM Training Watch

$94.85 (at 49% off)

Garmin Vivosmart Fitness


$209.85 (at 8% off)

Oregon SE336M Heart Rate Monitor Watch

$68.85 (at 50% off)

Polar A360 (Small) Fitness tracker with heart rate


Our collection features amazing wrist bands and watches for beginners, seasoned trainers and health professionals alike. So whatever your fitness goal is and whatever your current fitness regime is, you are sure to find a great workout pal with us! We also offer a huge rebate on original pricing on most of our health and fitness devices and also a flat shipping rate.

Health and fitness bands are more than just a millenial fad. These have helped people who are already motivated to achieve results that were only dreamlike before and has inspired fitness journeys of many people who were far from the healthy life. Plus, the heart rate monitors have helped those with high blood pressure and hypertension keep a check on their heart’s health too. So get on with it and get fit with Ryda’s health and fitness range!
We’re sure you’ll love it!

P.S – Ryda has a huge sale blowout going on for mother’s day and is offering massive discounts on many of our and mommy’s favourite devices and gadgets!

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