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Ditch the Regular, Go For “Really’ Special Father’s Day Gifts

What would dads absolutely love on this Father’s Day? A day well spent with you, a phone call if you’re away or maybe a handwritten note? Every year we strive to make this day special for Dear Dads but it is not really easy to leave him pleasantly surprised every time. So this, year we highly recommend and want you to do something which is not just unique but also which guarantees happiness for your Dad.

Our suggestions for your Dad have been carefully curated and offer you a wide range of both budget-friendly and indulgent options. This Father’s day we’d strongly recommend that you ditch the regular and get something that is truly your Dad’s worth.

1) Quality time – Yes, before we get to the gifts, we want you to give this one a long and deep thought. Our lives are faster, attention spans shorter, and time too scant to spend with loved ones. So this Father’s Days, before you send off or buy any gifts, make sure you yourself make time for a tete-a-tete or an activity with the Daddy dearest. Spend a phone-free afternoon with him and make him feel truly special. Take him to his favorite place or simply have a nice dinner/ coffee at home. Bottom Line: Spend an uninterrupted, distraction-free time with him, doing things he’ll truly enjoy and will cherish forever. In fact, our gift list is all about making more memories with him on this day, so read on and shop on!

2) Car Audio Systems – This is a great option if you are looking to get him something permanent and long lasting. Give his car an upgrade, get a new car audio system, amplifiers, and more.

Choose from Ryda’s collection of the best car audio systems and speakers by top brands such as Pioneer, JBL, Focal, Kenwood, and others. Let his drive time be fun with super-sonic sound quality and ear-pleasing music. Team this gift with a compilation of his favorite music and further personalize his car music collection!

3) GPS Navigator – Another way to empower him is to ensure that he is never at a loss of directions when behind the wheel. Make sure that he never glets lost on the road and is guided by an accurate and easy-to-understand, handy, and communicative GPS navigator.

Ryda offers a variety of fantastic GPS systems with accurate routes depiction, wide screens, and crash cameras to help drivers behind the car wheels to be safe, informed, and on track! Choose from more advanced variants of from Garmin and others. Take the first GPS – assisted ride with him and enjoy Father’s Day together.

4) Home Security Cameras

If your dad has not already installed one, that is. Make him feel at ease and add to your Daddy’s superpower with this great Swann LCD & 4 X-Pro Cams Kit. Get this for your parents home and let them know you care for their security and well-being. Get the Swann unit at a marked down price only at Ryda! Help him install this and have some father-daughter/ son fun while you’re at it.

5) Fitness Watches – There’s nothing more important than making sure that your dad is hale and hearty! Get him to walk those steps, achieve those fitness goals, or basically have a life beyond being a super dad.

We have tons and tons of options from Garmin, Suunto, Polar, and others that you can choose from. Pick one of them today and ship it right away. Or for the ultimate father-kid experience, celebrate Father’s Day on a hike or a run followed by a sumptuous or well-deserving meal.

This father’s day, let your hero know how heroic he has been!

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