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Marine Audio Needs? Give Dual or Clarion Marine Stereos a Try!

Marine audio units are more than just water-resistant stereos and speakers. They are advanced systems that enable you to enjoy perfect acoustics and sound on the dock, on your boat, in a yacht or by the poolside. Being near water bodies/ sources, these systems are made to withstand any, roughness and wear and tear that their surrounding may subject them too.

Two companies that make Marine Audio units excessively well are Dual and Clarion. At Ryda, you can find sturdy marine stereos by both. The two companies are based out of the USA and offer a widely-loved product range. Introducing cutting edge technology and features in their marine audio units, both Clarion and Dual have become world renowned. We are grateful to be associated with these brands who uphold quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction above anything else. On this optimistic note, let’s find out how Dual and Clarion guarantee maritime entertainment. We have picked up one audio unit from each brand to help you evaluate.

Dual Marine Stereos –

The Dual MXD135BT Marine Mechless (without CD Player) USB Bluetooth Stereo is an audio unit not to be ignored. Offering more power and features than the Clarion M205 (below), this marine stereo is a force to reckon with, thanks to the high peak performance, Bluetooth, and wireless remote connectivity. IOS (iPod and iPhone) and Android compatibility make sure that you can play whatever and whenever at the click of a button while USB and AUX ports offer a practical alternative when the Bluetooth connectivity fails or there’s a software glitch.

There’s also an FM/AM tuner for you to enjoy Radio when you are tired of listening to your own collection. Peak performance or power output is 240 Watts (60 watts x 4) and the RMS Power Output, 18 Watts x 4. An all-weather, all-environment audio unit, the Dual marine stereo will make a great companion on the sea, in your agricultural expeditions, or in your prized yacht! Shop the Dual MXD135BT and other top-quality Dual marine stereos with us and save up to 28% on them.

Clarion Marine Stereos –

Clarion M205 Marine USB Stereo is a strongly built weatherproof system with both a USB and an AUX port. The body is resistant and built to withstand the rough environment. Beyond tough exteriors, the Clarion features state-of-the-art technology and mechanics with a 4-Channel 2 Volt RCA outputs. The maximum Power Output range is between 20W X 4 and 50W X4.

Clarion Marine Audio

There’s more, this Clarion Marine stereo is also iPhone/ iPod compatible and offers Pandora connectivity. And in the age of USBs and Bluetooth operations, the Clarion has a CD and MP3/ WMA compatible slot too. There was never a better marine stereo to invest in! If you are looking for an entry level unit, shop this super efficient and stylish piece of tech and enjoy your time out on the sea!

Maritime/ Adventure entertainment requires hardiness and strength which is not commonly associated with gadgets such as stereos or sound players, but both Dual and Clarion marine stereos and accessories have proved the myth wrong with many purchase-worthy options; all of which are available at Ryda. Get set and explore!

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