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Christmas Gifts of 2016 or Gadgets of 2017! Get Them Right here at Ryda

Just as the present today will transform into the future of tomorrow, the Christmas Gifts you buy today will be passed on, used as, and, may even be, looked upon as the Gadgets of 2017! Unless you want to risk gifting obsolete gadgets that will be considered ancient even before we cross January, you can check out the products we have shortlisted for you, which are definitely going into the future and not down the history.

We know that we are almost nose-diving into December and there’s no time to wait for new year launches if your Christmas gift list is still asunder and in no hope of getting sorted. So we thought why not give you a useful gift guide for some last minute shopping? Ryda is already under way with the best of 2016 holiday deals that you can gain access to with a simple click here.

So what does the future hold? Let’s get down to it:

Go Pro Hero 5 Black
Go Pro Hero 5 Black
  • The GoPro Adventure Buddies – We must unapologetically accept the dying glory of digital cameras and accept the rising sun – that is the handhelds or carry-me-everywhere cameras which  are sturdy, easy to lug, and well, prove more efficient in taking pictures and recording shareable videos. If you know or are an adventurist yourself, you would absolutely love the GoPro’s sturdiness and efficiency even in highly improbable situations. Choose from the GoPro Hero 5 Black, 4, 3+ or the plus range and you won’t be disappointed. Check out the GoPro available at Ryda, here.
Garmin Multisport GPS watch
  • Garmin Sports Watches – One thing that’s definitely going to be passed in the future is the obsession with fitness and sports. So Garmin will make the perfect gift for the millennial generation who simply cannot get enough of wearables. Garmin takes care of navigation, your calorie count, your workout regime, your trails, and even multi-sport activities like a pro! At Ryda, we have got the best Garmin wearables you’ll need to bequeath or carry forward in the year 2017. So why not give these a try.
Suunto Spartan
  • Suunto Spartans – Another wearable that’s going to be quite prominent in the sports watch category. The new Spartan range by Suunto are ultra-advanced sports and fitness, multi-sport, and activity-tracking gears which can give tough competition to any other smartwatch out there. It offers a range of features that can be extremely helpful in monitoring a light or a tough workout. Check out the Suunto Spartan range here.
Sony Headphones
Sony Headphones
  • Headphones – With gadgets and gears only becoming more prevalent, one can easily imagine the boom in the headphone / earphone product range. We are already stocked with some of the best noise-cancelling headphones/ earphone gear you may be looking for! Replace the old ones or upgrade to the one that only reduces decibels to safer levels but also does not underplay the  melody, bass, or power of sound. Enjoy shopping for earphones or headphones at Ryda and get them at the best prices.

We deliberately stayed weary of the Galaxy Edges and the iPhones because we know that there’s always an upgraded version of those available and rarely exude the longevity that we sometimes invest in a gadget for. So our list is simple, clear, and may not be as sparkly as you might like it but it’s based on the potential for a prolonged usage and thoughtful usage, two crucial values that make gifts even more special. Start shopping and start checking off the items off your gift list. Happy Holiday shopping! 🙂

Ryda hopes that 2017 brings you all peace, prosperity, and happiness. Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season.

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