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Ryda End of July Offer – Canon EF 24-105mm F4L Lens at 30% Off!

Although, a photographer’s talent goes beyond his or her tool – the camera, still it is a crucial factor in determining the outcome of a capture. Imaging technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and Canon has been at the forefront of innovation in photographic devices. From enabling pros to shoot under low light conditions to underwater captures, Canon has enabled Pros to excel and amateur photographers to outgrow their beginner phase and explore their potential.

With the best in-class photography equipment and coveted photographic lenses, Canon has fulfilled the requirements and desires of almost every photographer who chooses Canon over other brands in the field of digital photography. Ryda, who is now a Canon professional authorized seller, is both proud and excited that we have in stock a great lens for those who are looking to upgrade their photography gear as well as their skills. Presenting the Canon EF 24-105mm F4L.

Canon EF 24-105 mm f4L

The EF 24-105mm is a lens from the L-series and is a great addition to the Canon’s professional range of lenses. The lens can be safely hailed as one of the flagship lens for general purpose with a sharp zoom and stunning image stabilization. With a solid built, this lens will offer you the optical quality you need to awe people with your captures. Let’s see what makes this Canon EF 24-105 mm F4L, an investment worth making.

1) Optical Quality – The 24-105 mm focal range is super for capturing shots that would not be possible with a 18-55mm lens. Moreover, the USM (Ultrasonic Motor) lens results in sharp images. In fact, the EF 24-105 F4L has been hailed as one of the best Canon lens when it comes to image sharpness and optical quality, thanks to the wide range of focal lenghts.

2) Flare Control and Color/ Contrast enhancement – Flare is well controlled with an efficient focal accuracy. You can achieve an almost flare-less shot (depending on the image conditions) by trying different focal lengths and reducing the aperture too by stopping down the lens at a desired focal length. Similarly, colors and contrasts are not only handled well but Chromatic Aberration (CA) is well under control with only very narrow room for distortion or scattering. Contrast can be easily maintained by reducing flaring/ ghosting.

3) Image Stabilizer – Canon has done a fantastic job by drastically improving the handholdability on this lens. Providing 3-stops that do not let the camera shake or the image be distorted due to lack of control over the lens. Whether you want to click motion-blurring shots, static objects, or landscapes, the lens will not disappoint you. The Image Stablizer is not just good, it also enables accuracy, quietness, low shutter speeds, and things that a good lens must have but sometimes do not.

4) Zoom-in and Magnify – Allowing a decent zoom without distortion is what makes this lens a great deal! Thanks to the Image Stabilizing option, it allows for a sharp Zoom-in feature. Whether you are on autofocus or a manual focal length, the f/4 lens image output will not be disappointing but only upto 200mm. and can be used for making stunning portraits, full-body frames, and even when shooting landscapes. The aperture will also remain constantly wide for f/4 lens line.
This Canon EF lens is not to be missed and at Ryda, you can not only find the most profitable deal but also an accompanying 2-year local warranty! Photographers, for the best features in this price, not buying this legit upgrade would be foolish. So read the review and ‘add-to-cart’!


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