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Bluetooth Car Kit – Go Handsfree!

Communication is key and it is the age of quick communication. While written correspondence is to-the-point, it is the verbal dialogue that offers the leverage of the tone, the annotations and the pitch of the voice. With a number of channels enabling a swift transfer of text messages between the sender and receiver and vice-versa, it was the need to talk at length while being handsfree to do other tasks, that brought wireless communication to the fore.

Wireless communication devices are mostly powered by Bluetooth. Bluetooth enables you to share data over paired devices in close proximity and offers the convenience of connecting over phone handsfree! One activity that has been greatly impacted from this handsfree advantage is driving. Now you no longer need to pull the car by the side of the road or worry about breaking traffic rules before taking an urgent call on the move. Though, we still recommend and favor the no-calls-while-driving rule, handsfree or otherwise, we understand that this technology has helped multi-taskers and professionals stay connected even while driving. Whatever happens, road safety is priority still.

Handsfree calling via Bluetooth car kits has made it easy to engage in conversations while safely keeping your eyes on the road. Like all gadgets, Bluetooth car kits come in a wide variety and it sometimes becomes difficult to decipher the best from many. We at Ryda are familiar with this dilemma and are here to help. If you are looking for a comfortable way to call as you drive, then the Parrot MKI9200, is our pick for you. Read on to know more about the gadget.

Bluetooth Car Kit

  • The Bluetooth car kit comprises a battery rechargeable remote control, a 2.4 inch TFT display screen along with a dual microphone. These components can be easily mounted onto to the dashboard and steering wheel or even the sun visor.
  • Get started by pairing your phone to the kit and synchronizing your phonebook to the device to easily make and receive calls. Voice recognition ability makes using the Bluetooth powered kit more fun and useful.
  • The screen interface is well sorted and is easy to switch between different features. Navigating through contacts and call records is again not a complicated process.
  • The double microphone technology and DSP-3 signal processing software cuts out all background and surrounding noise and lets you hear crystal clear audio. Not just this, there is echo cancellation and for maximum effect the car speakers can be made to reproduce sounds.
  • Equipped with an AUX and USB input, just plug the compatible cable into your iPod, iPhone, Mp3 player or car stereo and enjoy your favorite music. The OLED screen displays the complete playlist with track information, that includes artist name and song title.
  • If you feel that leaving the screen in the car is unsafe then just flip the screen in a safety case and carry the portable and compact gadget in your pocket along.

Purchase this top of the range Bluetooth car kit from Parrot at our online store. Make your on-road experience much safer and carefree.

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