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Alpine ICS-X8 Multimedia Unit – In-car Smartphone Use Made Convenient

Since the prevalence of smartphones and the ever-increasing range of apps, mobile phone users have found more and more reasons to rely on this power device as their go-to source for most of the things. And with such extensive use and dependence, there are times when using the phone becomes a task and, in extreme scenarios, can even have fatal consequences. Case in point when driving.

If you are looking for a more convenient way of using the phone when in action behind the wheels, the Alpine ICS-X8 Multimedia Head Unit will make for a perfect fit.

Let us have a detailed look at the features of the Audio-Video head unit from Alpine, a leading manufacturer of premium car audio products. Don’t let driving restrict you from keeping a tab on important things that need immediate attention or skipping to the song you want to hear while you keep your eyes on the road.

Alpine ICS-X8 Multimedia Head Unit

  • Equipped with the much sought after Mirrorlink technology, it enables you to control smartphones via a multimedia device. It actually mirrors the exact information on a phone onto a bigger and easy to access screen. Be it surfing your playlist for your favourite number or using the GPS to reach a place.
  • The Alpine ICS-X8 also supports Bluetooth connectivity for convenient and, completely safe, hands-free calling. This is not all, the Bluetooth module enables you to connect as many as five phones so you can do different activities, like playing music and receiving calls without disconnecting any device.
  • The MP3 and WMA compatible multimedia head unit comes with dedicated audio settings. You can readjust and fine tune the harmonics as per your requirement.
  • The 7-inch touch screen with a backlit interface can be customized too, just like a mobile phone screen. You can hold and drag your most used applications to the favourite bar for quick access.

With the holiday season arriving soon and the frantic search for holiday gifts about to begin, there is no better time cash in on this superb deal. Buy it for yourself or for a loved one, we assure you that the purchase will not disappoint and make for a value addition. Available at a whopping 50% Off, get the Alpine ICS-X8 today.

If you had been looking for a new in-car multimedia device with the latest features, then we are sure your search ends with this one. And if you already own this, share with us your experience of using it and how it has made multi-tasking while driving a breeze.

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