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Uniden Baby Video Monitor – Know That Your Bundle of Joy is Safe

With both parents working and out for a considerable amount of time on weekdays, it becomes difficult to keep track of children’s activities. And if the child is still a toddler, and little or no help at hand to manage day-to-day affairs, balancing home and work becomes all the more challenging.

If you are struggling to know about your child’s well-being when away and fighting the guilt of not being around to give adequate time, then it’s time to invest in a baby video monitor. A reliable gadget to watch over your bundle of joy and keep you updated (real-time or dated) at all times. If you are already on the lookout for this saviour of a device then one of the better options in the market we suggest is the Uniden Digital Wireless Video Baby Monitor.

It guarantees complete peace of mind as it monitors your sleeping baby or children at play. Read on to know the product better and how you can employ it to make parenting more convenient.

Uniden BW3401 Digital Wireless Baby Video Monitor

  • The Uniden BW3401comes with a high quality, digitally encrypted, and long range monitoring system. The coded signals protect against hacking and eavesdropping, ensuring a fully safe and secure transmission.
  • Equipped with a 4.3-inch colour LCD display, the monitor lets you enjoy a crystal clear video even in the dark, thanks to the night vision camera. The night view video quality is so good that you will hardly feel the need to switch on the room’s light for better visibility.
  • You can even know about your child’s whereabouts from anywhere in the world. Just install the Uniden Guardian App on your smartphone or tablet and remotely access the footage being recorded.
  • The digital wireless baby video monitor comes packed with a touchscreen monitor, zoom and pan capabilities, and an ability to record upto 32GB of footage on an external SD card. You can also register your email id to get alerts in your mailbox.

So aren’t baby monitors just so wonderful and worth all the money you plan to or have already spent on them. Investing in one by Uniden is surely a value for money purchase.

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