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March 30, 2017

DS18 Car Audio Units – The New Cool Kids On the Block!

No matter how revolutionary and advanced the old players and pioneers (no pun intended) of the audio industry get, one cannot beat the buzz a relatively brand new and unheard of brand creates! So today we are introducing to you our current obsession – DS18! Launched in the US and based out of Miami, this brand is creating ripples that are definitely not going unnoticed. Although, there is still time before they start outclassing the well-established brands on the market. It’s still a long way to go but the journey for DS18 manufacturers looks all the more exciting. So, as a consumer looking to switch or upgrade their car amps or speakers, should you consider DS18 as a potential option for your car audio improvements? A 100% yes! Unless you are fanatically aligned with a certain bran...

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March 24, 2017

Best Pentax Waterproof Binoculars at Ryda

Not everyone owns a pair of binoculars, but those who do, know how precious it is as an extension of their vision. Some of the most wonderful sights that the naked eye is unable to see clearly, the binoculars let you savour up-close with a crystal clear view. The sanctity of this highly functional gadget for outdoor junkies cannot be stressed enough. If you too belong to the niche circle where binoculars are considered sacred and being outdoors is incomplete without binoculars, then you must experience the excellence of Pentax binoculars if you haven’t yet. If you are planning to upgrade your current pair then we have the perfect recommendations in the form of the top three Pentax at Ryda! So next time you go bird-watching, on a wildlife safari, for a sporting event, or just to a near...

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March 22, 2017

La Crosse Weather Station – Accurate Reports, Always!

Even when we can see and feel the weather without much second guessing, there is still a need for precision and utmost accuracy, sometimes! Hence, the intelligent invention of weather stations. Weather stations come in all shapes, sizes, and not to forget, by a bevy of brands. And with so many brands already lined up at Ryda offering quality weather stations, we decided to add one more contender to the never-ending list and let our customers be spoilt for choice. Introducing La Crosse Technology, a renowned and trusted source of accurate weather forecasts for over 30 years! So if you have been on the lookout for a weather station and also happen to be reading this then we whole-heartedly recommend the La Crosse USB Professional Weather Station. A power-packed and feature-rich device to ...

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