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April 30, 2016

The Designer Oregon Crystal Weather Station

Weather is a major deciding factor in how we plan our days. That is why we turn to the tiny newspaper column, news channels and even apps for an update on how the weather in the coming days is going to be. But with personal weather stations installed in homes you are saved the inconvenience of being caught unaware in an unpleasant situation. Weather stations, simply put, are devices that let you know about the current as well as near future atmospheric conditions indoors and outdoors. These devices inform you almost accurately about the wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity and rainfall forecast. But do you know weather stations are not all dull and boring looking machines. These can also be decorative enough to be placed in your home or office spaces as other artifacts. One s...

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April 28, 2016

Fitness Trend: The Rise of the Heart Rate Monitors

The fitness and gadget revolution started when the society saw the dawn of the Pedometers. Pedometers were, and still are, 'the' fitness gadget but now there's more to fitness tracking gadgets than just counting the number of steps and calories burnt during the course of a day. The all new important stat is – the Heart Rate and the new millenial fitness gadget is the Heart Rate monitor (HRM)! Now, one doesn't need to go to a physician or a cardiologist to know their heart beat rate or to keep a track of their heart rate. One can now simply switch to a wearable HRM that also records activity, number of steps and even allows you to train according to your heart rate. All the latest models of fitness wearbles feature the heart rate functionality. If you too are religious about you...

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April 26, 2016

Bluetooth Car Kit – Go Handsfree!

Communication is key and it is the age of quick communication. While written correspondence is to-the-point, it is the verbal dialogue that offers the leverage of the tone, the annotations and the pitch of the voice. With a number of channels enabling a swift transfer of text messages between the sender and receiver and vice-versa, it was the need to talk at length while being handsfree to do other tasks, that brought wireless communication to the fore. Wireless communication devices are mostly powered by Bluetooth. Bluetooth enables you to share data over paired devices in close proximity and offers the convenience of connecting over phone handsfree! One activity that has been greatly impacted from this handsfree advantage is driving. Now you no longer need to pull the car by the side ...

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