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Top 5 Gifts at Ryda for Fitness-Loving Moms, this Mother’s Day

Of course you know about Ryda’s Mother’s Day Sale and also that you can save up to 50% on some of the hottest mother’s day gifts. If you have been procrastinating the purchase of that perfect gift or have totally run out of ideas about what to get mom, then you would love this list, which could easily be your last minute saviour!

Ryda is a leading retailer of gadgets that also retail fitness gear , wearables and accessories that can assist your super-strong mom in her training sessions. We have listed
our top favorite gift ideas for moms who love to stay super strong for their families, children and themselves by keeping fit and active. Check out our special offers where you will find gifts at incredibly low prices of $6!

Let’s disclose the goodies!

1) Nite Ize SHOELIT Led – If your mother loves running then she will be ecstatic receiving this. Even though this gift is under $7, it’s going to be her favourite because it’s a really thoughtful one. It’s an LED light that fits perfectly on running shoes. This durable little gadget will ensure the safety of your mom as she powers through laps after laps on early mornings or late evenings.

Shoe LED by Shoelit
2) Polar Loop Activity Tracker – Misty Blue – Activity trackers are all the rage today! We have covered our top favourite wearables in this post. If she doesn’t already have an activity tracker then she will definitely jump with joy after receiving this! If you have been worried about your mom’s health and she is not someone who would prioritize it, then there’s all the more reason to gift this to your mom. If, on the flip side, she is a fitness-enthusiast, then she will find this gift not a waste but an extremely good use of your hard-earned or saved money.

Polar Loop Activity Tracker

3) Suunto Ambit 2R GPS Training Watch – White – This is an advanced level training watch and fitness moms will absolutely embrace this! It’s an athlete or sport-enthusiasts’ dream watch that not just tracks activity but also tells you the heart rate and provides outdoor information such as locations. Inspire her for her treks, hikes or runs through the forests with this amazing watch. Suunto Ambit has been hailed as one of the finest fitness equipment manufacturer because of the precision, interface and accuracy of their products, as can be seen in this training watch. And it looks sooo good!

Suunto Ambit Training Watch

4) Nikon BAA814SA Aculon A211 10×50 Binoculars – Does your mom love the outdoors? Or is bird watching her favourite part of the day? If the answer is yes, then get her a pair of these fine Nikon BAAA814SA Binoculars. It’s a benchmark model that assures clarity of vision, offers a great and smooth zoom, is shock resistant and affords you optics beyond comparison.

Nikon Binoculars

5) Nite Ize SLAPLIT LED Slap Wrap – This LED slapit for the wrist is perfect for women who like to train during nights or early mornings. It’s the perfect way to make yourself noticeable in low-visibility conditions. The slap bracelet looks really good too and if your budget is not too extravagant then this is a really thoughtful gift, priced only at $15! Let your mom know that her safety means everything to you and you wouldn’t let her take it lightly either!

Nite Ize Slaplit LED

Ryda has dedicated an entire category to gifts for moms! Choose the one you think she will be the happiest receiving! Also, let’s not just make it about the gifts or giving and taking. Make sure you spend good time with her on her special day. Make her feel cherished and loved too!

Wishing you happy times with your mom! 🙂

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