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  Nikon 1 J1 DSLR Camera 10mm - Black

Nikon 1 J1 DSLR Camera - 10mm
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List Price: $549.00
Our Price: $348.85
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Supplier: Nikon Aust
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Product Code: J1BLK
Discontinued Model

The following items are Included with this product:
Features Tech Specs In The Box


Product Origin
: Genuine Australian Nikon Stock.
Warranty: Nikon Australia 12 Month Warranty.
Nikon 1 J1 DSLR Camera - 10mm - Black

Why Buy Me
  • 100% Australian Stock with Australian Nikon Warranty
  • Nikon 1 NIKKOR 10mm f/2.8 Lens Included
  • 10.1 Megapixel CMOS Sensor
  • 3.0" 460k-dot TFT LCD
  • Active D-Lighting
  • Smart Photo Selector
  • Full HD Movies
  • Built in Flash

Your memories come back to life with photographs, movies, and music
Starting with a clean slate, we reexamined the potential of imaging and discovered globally unique way of preserving your memories with something different from just a photograph or a movie.
When you press the shutter-release button, with the "Motion Snapshot" mode, the desired moment will be captured as a still image and also as a movie vignette. The movie vignette will play back in dramatic, 2.5x slow motion to an original BGM.
From fleeting changes in expression to adorable, endearing gestures, or the ambience of the landscape gently swaying in the wind —you can capture all of these moments more vividly and emotionally though visual expression and with music.
What's more, the still images are captured in high resolution, so you can print them out in beautiful picture quality.
The Motion Snapshot has brought to life new photographic, cinematic expression perfect for capturing your precious moments.

You no longer need a "back-up" shot
When shooting fast-moving subjects, you may find it difficult to keep them within the frame or you may miss a fantastic photo opportunity due to the subject's unpredictable movements. With Nikon's Smart Photo Selector, you will never miss those picture perfect moments again.
All you have to do is push the shutter-release button as you normally would.
It is that simple.  The camera will then automatically take total of 20 shots before and after you press the shutter-release button at a high speed of 30fps.
What's more, it will automatically select the most spectacular shot from the series of shots taken. Whether it is the expression of a loved one as they turn to look over their shoulder or a fun-filled scene at a party, the Nikon 1<one> will capture it all.

Fastest AF x Most Focus Points in the World
We offer two of the world's best features to let you capture special moments faithfully.
First, we present the world's fastest autofocus(*1). The phase-detection AF, embedded in the newly developed sensor, will track and capture fast-moving subjects in sharp, crystal-clear focus. Second, we offer the most focus points in the world. The focal plane phase-detection AF effectively positioned 73 points(*2) recognizes the moving subject as a plane to ensure that images are captured clearly.
Because of the Advanced hybrid AF system, the camera will automatically select the contrast-detect AF mode in poorly lit areas to expand the area covered by the autofocus. With the camera's remarkably quick and smooth AF, you can capture scenes you never knew existed.

The world's fastest AF transforms every moment into a once-in-a-lifetime, picture perfect moment.
You can continuously capture images at approx. 10 fps while the AF constantly tracks the subject and keeps every element in razor-sharp focus. In continuous shooting at 60fps, focus is locked on the position detected in the first frame. With this innovative feature, you can unequivocally capture your once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity. Picture perfect moments are often found in dynamic scenes such as exciting plays from a sporting match or energetic children at play. With the autofocus technology of the Nikon 1 <One>, you can capture, not just one, but a series of spectacular moments with super-crisp, high-quality images.

Newly developed, super high-speed AF CMOS sensor
The newly developed CMOS image sensor, with an effective pixel count of 10.1 megapixels, is the world's first(*) image sensor created that implements phase-detection AF.
The Nikon 1 <One> boasts exceptionally fast auto-focusing, while promising high image quality for both still images and movies.
The new image sensor has been engineered to deliver super-precise focusing that captures a wide range of subjects flawlessly.

Get one step closer to beauty as you see it.
If you could capture minute details of light and shadow in high contrast environment, you would have more opportunities to capture remarkable images without disappointing.
Nikon's Active D-Lighting optimizes the balance of high contrast scenes to restore details often lost under strong lighting, allowing you to capture scenes with optimal results.
Matrix metering settings enable you to adjust the exposure to produce natural results for every situation and every subject. By controlling overexposure and preserving subtle features of underexposed areas, Active D-Lighting will create well-balanced results.


Demonstrate your photographic expertise by creating customized images
You cannot only capture your special moments, but you can also transform the look and feel of your images, just as you imagine them. Picture Control is Nikon's unique system that enables you to flexibly control and adjust the image settings to suit your preferences. You can choose from among 6 different settings: Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait, and Landscape. With these settings, you can sharpen an image by emphasizing the silhouette, or create a more vivid image by adjusting the saturation.
With ViewNX 2, you can also fine-tune your images even after they have been shot to match exactly what you envision. With simple settings and operation, Nikon's Picture Control will let you transform your images effortlessly and give you greater creative freedom.

Capture the best movie and the best shot without missing a single moment
To date, you had to choose between shooting movies or photographs to capture a special moment. With the Nikon 1 <One>, you can now shoot high-resolution still images, while shooting high-quality, full HD movies (1080/60i) simultaneously. The rich power of expression and multiple view angles of the 1 NIKKOR lens allow you to express yourself even more creatively through still images and movies. Even while you are shooting a movie, if you press the shutter-release button, you can capture high-resolution still images without interruption and without changing the mode dial. Whether it is photographs or movies, you no longer have to choose. Both can be yours with the Nikon 1 <One>.

Note: The videos shown here were taken using Movie mode, 1080/30p, then converted to Flash Video format for ease of handling. Image quality varies from the original.

Discover subtle details you could not catch with the naked eye
By controlling the lapse of time, we have discovered a way to expose new fragments in time. With the Slow Motion Movie function of the Nikon 1 <One>, you can delay the lapse of time in your scene, revealing layers of fun and excitement that were previously undetectable by the naked eye. For example, using the Slow Motion Movie function at 400fps you can capture each flap of a bird's wings and at 1,200fps you can capture every spark of a fireworks display. With this camera's Slow Motion Movie, you can make new discoveries everywhere you look.

The most important functions should be the simplest to use
You may have never used some of the buttons or dial modes on your camera. Nikon 1 <One> represents the pinnacle of usability. We have intuitively simplified the functions on the mode dial. It is selectable only from four main functions: Still image mode, Movie mode, Motion Snapshot mode, and Smart Photo Selector mode. The only buttons you will find on the top of the camera are the power switch, shutter-release button, and movie-record button so you will have an amazing range of functions at your fingertips with extremely simple operability. Set free from technicalities and complicated operation, you can capture the desired image faster and more unfailingly.

mode dial
top of the camera

Shoot as your heart dictates; the camera will capture the desired image unfailingly
Are functions that should be helping you to capture beautiful images actually disturbing you from taking a desired picture?
Most of the functions Nikon 1 <One> is equipped with are automatic, freeing you from complicated operations so that you can focus on taking the shot. In the Scene Auto Selector mode, you don't need an elaborate set-up, nor do you need to be camera savvy. When you are taking a photograph of a person, the camera will automatically select the "Portrait" mode. When shooting at dusk or at night, it will switch to the "Night Portrait" mode. When shooting the cityscape or scenery, it will select the "Landscape" mode.
And, it will choose the "Close-up" mode when shooting something very close up. The camera will detect the subject and the setting and automatically select the optimal mode for your convenience. All you have to do is find something or someone you want to shoot and press the shutter-release button.

Built-in flash
Nikon 1 J1 comes with an i-TTL built-in flash (Guide Number: approx. 5 [ISO 100*m]).
With the slow-sync mode, you can capture both the beautifully lit nightscape and the subject at optimal exposure levels.


A super-silent, electronic shutter
When shooting with the electronic shutter, you can change the settings to turn off the electronic sounds of the shutter, AF,and self-timer. Now you can shoot in stage theaters and other quiet settings without making a sound.

LCD monitor with crystal clear resolution
The Nikon 1 J1 is equipped with an approx.
460k-dot, 3-inch LCD monitor with protection glass and a wide viewing angle.

High-performance dust reduction
The Nikon 1 J1 uses a glass dust shield.

Create your own feature film by simply dragging and dropping
The Short Movie Creator shares the joy of editing movies by making it fun and easy for all. Simply install the Short Movie Creator software included with the camera onto your PC. All you have to do next is choose the desired visual effects and music. The software will automatically edit the selected scenes so you can create remarkable, original videos in minutes. Select your favorite scene and the software will build the movie around it to suit your preferences. You can also easily upload and share the movies you create on YouTube™ and other video sharing websites. If you want to watch these movies on your camera's LCD monitor, you can transfer them onto the memory card. By using the software together with the ViewNX 2, you can fully enjoy your special moments as still images, movies, and as Motion Snapshots to the absolute fullest.

Now captured images have the potential to become even more exquisite
Is there a disorganized array of photographs and movies on your PC?
Managing photographs and movies you have taken can be fun and easy when you use the accessory software, ViewNX 2. You can import, view, edit and share your images with this single software.
Not only will you be able to rotate and change file sizes, you will also be able to adjust the brightness, crop, correct tilting, create RAW images, edit HD movies, and plot shots with GPS data. You can even create your very own original movie in HD quality, and enjoy new tools of creative expression, including the Motion Snapshot and Smart Photo Selector, to your heart's content.

Let's share the memories while they are still fresh
Shooting still images and movies becomes significantly more fun and enjoyable when you can share your feeling of the moment you experience them. You can use Nikon's my Picturetown as your personal online album to store and organize your still images and movies, and share them with your friends and family all around the world.
Membership is free and permits storage of up to 2 GB of photos and/or movies. And with an additional paid registration, you can expand your capacity of the storage memory to 200GB. The service is compatible with JPEG files, as well as RAW (NEF, NRW) files and HD movies (MOV, AVI).
You can also share your favorite images captured with Nikon 1 <One>'s unique Motion Snapshot and Smart Photo Selector functions on my Picturetown.

Enjoy vibrant photographs on the large screen TV
Nikon 1 <One> comes equipped with a mini HDMI pin. By connecting the camera to a high-definition TV using an HDMI cable, you can sit back and enjoy your photographs and movies on a dynamic, large screen display.

  • When you connect the camera to the TV, the camera's LCD will turn itself off.
  • You can shoot still images and movies while the camera is connected to the TV.

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